Monday, March 21, 2016

Wall Inflation

The Trump Wall gets more and more expensive.

From John Oliver to Charles Pierce:

The problem is, was, and will be, until complete electoral calamity overtakes it, the fact that the only energizing force within the Republican Party is a radically extreme conservative movement that is becoming more mindless and more hysterical by the hour. Now, though, the hysteria concerns the monster of its own making, the creature of its own Id. People like Erickson, Reynolds, and Brooks were perfectly willing to make peace with the Bible-bangers, the anti-science crackpots, and the Black Helicopter Liberation Armies as long as they could use them to shuffle some more politicians into office who were guaranteed to shove more of the country's wealth upwards. The answer is not that the Republicans failed to deliver on their promises to the fringes. The answer is that they never should have made those lunatic promises at all. (For example, they should have jettisoned the supply-side snake oil sometime during the recession of 1982. Hell, Reagan did.) If you keep pounding unreality into your most enthusiastic supporters, decade after decade, then, sooner or later, they're going to demand an unreal candidate. Welcome to 2016. 

I have a congresswoman who ran on repeal and replace Obamacare in 2014. I have no doubt she will do likewise this time around. Selling bullshit to idiots.

Maybe this is why Mark Frost loves him the WashPo so much. Stupidity like this. Yes, if the Dems would just become pro-lifers anti-choicers. 

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