Monday, December 31, 2018

Siebrecht Letter

In response to:


I'm writing in response to John Siebrecht's letter, mostly out of curiosity why the Democratic Party would be quaking in its boots. After flipping 40 seats and the House in November most of us still have our dancing shoes on. Republicans seem to be the ones that remain frightened of the "caravan" that President Trump terrorized them with before the election, and hasn't mentioned since. Democrats know that immigrants commit far fewer crimes than the native-born because we believe in journalism. I see George Soros is responsible for sending asylum seekers here. There isn't anything that can't be blamed on him. He's amazingly energetic for an 88 year old man. 

But, Donald Trump isn't the first president to stoke the fears of the right. Richard Nixon ran on a promise to restore law and order. Pause to allow the irony to sink in. Ronald Reagan had a "plan" to build a space defense that would've taken more money than there was on Earth. George W. Bush threatened them with imaginary WMDs in Iraq because the "smoking gun could come in the form of a mushroom cloud." You'd think they would be relieved when we have the peace and prosperity of a Democratic president. 

I'd encourage Speaker Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to give the president money for a wall around his golf club. Apparently some undocumented workers have made their way in there and are making Mr. Trump's bed along with other jobs Americans won't do. The Bedminster personnel department must be unaware of what horrible criminals they are. The preceding sentence is sarcasm, the following one is not. You can probably get away with not paying them, though.

Thursday, December 13, 2018