Monday, November 26, 2018

Quote of the Day

“I find that I have jurisdiction over Mr. Trump,” Scarpulla wrote.

Response to Carl Thomas

If Mr. Thomas was taught it's against the law to desecrate or disrespect the flag or national anthem, I believe he was taught wrongly. The Nazis had a law against flag desecration. That's maybe not a good precedent. We could stick with the first amendment that protects acts of protest. It also defends his right to interpret the Bible any way he wants. With over 300 denominations of Christians there may be some who disagree with him on certain points.

I wish he'd expounded on the anarchy he sees. What we do have are racists in Charlottesville who were responsible for the death of a young woman. A bomber in Florida sent explosives to prominent folks on the left. A mass murderer in Pittsburgh killed Jews on their holiest day in their house of worship. None of these anarchists were influenced by Democrats. Should we call for martial law to round up Trump supporters? Insufficient loyalty to the president isn't justification for locking anyone up. That's still the opinion outside of fanatics who worship orange idols.

Kneeling to a Saudi prince to excuse a brutal murder and sell out the moral standing of the United States in return for a few dollars in arms sales may be lauded in some circles. Kneeling to protest unwarranted deaths of young black men may be treason in those same circles. It's not for me to judge, but Mr. Trump's path to glory may be very narrow. It's fortunate for him that Jerry Falwell Jr. and Franklin Graham are giving him such magnificent moral guidance.