Monday, September 17, 2018

Letter For Leonardo

I'm writing in response to Ken Tingley's Sunday column referring to a spokesperson for Rep. Stefanik who said Tedra Cobb was a bad candidate because she hasn't raised much money. I assume this is Leonardo Alcivar since he has also called Ms. Cobb the "worst congressional candidate in America." This has to be exclusive of Republicans since where would Corey Stewart and Duncan Hunter rank? Web search these two fine examples of today's Republican Party.

Tedra Cobb has raised $452,127 with 69% from within the district. Elise Stefanik has raised $1,972,762 with 10% from the 21st. Looked at that way; Ms. Cobb has $312,000 from potential constituents to $197,000 for Ms. Stefanik. Who is more apt to represent upstate New York? The one campaigning on small donations from North Country folks? Or the one who has built a war chest on rewards from hedge fund billionaires, defense contractors and other special interest groups? Whose interests are Ms. Stefanik going to protect: her constituents or the people who are funding her campaign?

Is Mr. Alcivar an upstate New Yorker? No, he's a Washington insider from the swamp in D.C. Apparently from a part that President Trump has yet to drain. I realize Ms. Stefanik spent her childhood and teen years in the North Country, but she must be getting pretty comfortable in the marshy environment of lobbyists and other noxious critters.  Vote local, vote Tedra!