Monday, April 20, 2020

iPhone LTTE

I’m writing about Rep. Stefanik’s support of the president’s defunding of World Health Organization. This has been criticized by other world leaders who don’t feel their efforts have been harmed by the organization. The rock-ribbed conservative Chamber of Commerce released a statement, “Cutting the WHO’s funding during the COVID-19 pandemic is not in the U.S. interests.” Why is it the U.S. has over 31% of the cases in the world and the most deaths? South Korea had their first reported case the same day we did and has 234 deaths to our nearly 41,000 as I write this. Is this the fault of the WHO or are they a convenient scapegoat?

Once the crisis subsides a bit there’s much to investigate: WHO, China, the president’s actions and lack there of. Four deaths in Benghazi drew 8 investigations and 33 hearings in Congress. I’d suggest a look at rightwing media as well. How long did Fox News proclaim the virus a hoax? Currently, they’re urging people to ignore and protest the efforts of governors to protect public health. Along those same lines, I wonder if our congresswomen finds the president’s “Liberate” tweets aimed at states with Democratic governors helpful. Inciting insurrection some have called it. At the very least, it doesn’t seem helpful.