Wednesday, July 18, 2018

God, I Love This Clip

I love this letter a lot, too. Nice job, Matt!

Really, Nancy Pelosi?

In response to this: link

I'm responding to Hunter Sartwell's letter in which he claims, "Many are left wondering how Tedra Cobb feels about Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo." Really, Nancy Pelosi? I'm more interested in her views on healthcare, opioids, the environment, gun violence, immigration and so on. And looking at her website, she has well thought-out ideas on those subjects. One thing I do wonder about is why President Trump and his followers spend so much time and energy denigrating Democratic women. Among our allies, Angela Merkel and Theresa May receive extra abuse. The childish nickname for Sen. Warren is a two-fer. It manages to be offensive to Native Americans, as well. I'm also curious if Rep. Stefanik is running on "repeal and replace Obamacare" again. Or is the plan to just allow the president to continue sabotaging it?

Also from the letter, "Cobb's actions...would only continue this atrocity that we have to deal with in our daily lives." Things such as the Holocaust and killings by the Khmer Rouge are atrocities. Whatever is being referred to in upstate New York is not. Please consult a dictionary. Mr. Sartwell provides some advice for Ms. Cobb, presumably. "Being a member of Congress requires the ability to be forthright with constituents, even when the questions are difficult and there isn't a good answer." Since I'm assuming he's a supporter of our congresswoman, I'd encourage checking the entry for the word irony, too. There are many who might offer those words of counsel to Rep. Stefanik.  

Saturday, July 7, 2018

I Love Kismet

So, I was reading Ecclesiastes 9:17 this morning and gotta say thank you God for writing such a very, very great book and without ghostwriters.

The words of the wise heard in quietness are better than the shouting of a ruler among fools.

And then I went on to read Jack Holmes who also, I presume, does not use ghostwriters. 

If you're keeping score at home, the President of the United States just managed to combine disrespect for Native Americans with disrespect for women to form a crude sort of anti-joke story, which was of course met by customary sneers and jeers from the Real Americans in the audience.

And from Liz Warren who I'm also going to go out on a limb and say does not use ghostwriters. 

Hey, @realDonaldTrump: While you obsess over my genes, your Admin is conducting DNA tests on little kids because you ripped them from their mamas & you are too incompetent to reunite them in time to meet a court order. Maybe you should focus on fixing the lives you're destroying.

People who are not authoritarian cult followers of Donald Trump would see that as a burn. 

Also at the Montana rally of fools, hey blame Solomon he said it, the guy who does use ghostwriters declared that Putin is "fine" after trashing two men, McCain and HW Bush, who despite their flaws are better than Trump could ever dream of being. He is, however, a wonderful ruler of fools.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Vile Attacks and Such

Response to John Sharkey letter:

I'm responding to John Sharkey's letter about the "verbal attacks on President Trump and his family." It seems like with Evangelical pastors surrounding Mr. Trump he'd have heard about reaping what you sow. Space prohibits listing all the people he's maligned. Let's just go with his years of pushing the idea Barack Obama wasn't born in the U.S. He may still believe that and, if he does, likely a majority of his Republican followers do also. Folks can decide for themselves the degree of racism inherent in birtherism.

What's undeniably racist is the e-mail, sent by Carl Paladino with African tribesmen dancing, entitled "Obama Inauguration Rehearsal." He sent many that can't be described here. The ones about Michelle Obama are truly disgusting. The Obamas were grace and dignity in the White House and didn't deserve this hatred. Of all the people Mr. Sharkey mentioned, Rep. Waters is the only elected Democrat. Who knows the affiliations of the others? Oh, and Mr. Paladino? He was the Republican candidate for governor in 2010 and ran the Trump campaign in 2016 in New York.

I don't understand why Tedra Cobb should randomly rebuke disparagers  of the Trumps. Should Rep. Stefanik rebuke Paladino, Roseanne and Ted Nugent? She did support the Trump candidacy. He has a National Security Adviser, foreign policy adviser and deputy campaign manager who've all pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.  His campaign chairman is behind bars, with bail revoked, awaiting trial. His attorney in charge of mistress payouts (and go-between with Russians) is destined for turning state's evidence or prison. Since our congresswoman and the president are so close, maybe she should rebuke him. I'm missing the degrees of separation between Tedra Cobb and Peter Fonda, though.