Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Sunday Non-Endorsement

Happy Sunday Endorsement

From the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

We have met with Mr. Derrick more than once and found him willing to answer any question we threw at him. He seems like a good listener, and it seems his stated goal to continue a life of public service is genuine. He is not as jovial as Bill Owens or John McHugh, but he is solid and thoughtful, and does not seem as guarded as Rep. Stefanik.

He also pledges to stand up against those who pollute the Adirondacks.

We hope he wouldn't buy too much into the expended-government solutions the national Democrats are pushing, but that was also our worry with Bill Owens, and he managed to be pretty reasonable and bipartisan. Mr. Derrick, a former Republican, seems familiar in that way.

In the moderate spirit of Mr. Owens and Mr. McHugh, we think he would represent our area pretty well in the House.

I don't believe Mike Derrick can overcome the power of Elise Stefanik's incumbency, but I can dream. Can Trump the Destroyer take her out? Stay tuned. Happy to see they've come around on Matt Funiciello whom they endorsed last time. 

If the Matt Funiciello of 2014 were to run this year, we might endorse him again, but he has changed quite a bit. Debates showed that he has become much more combative in style and radical in policies than he was two years ago. We can't go there with him.

For instance, now he's pushing to eliminate all meat and dairy farms, taking the fight against climate change down a lonely road that only the most extreme environmentalists can follow. And then he says he won't help get federal funding to expand broadband internet because he wants the Adirondack Park to be marketed as a place to get away from the modern world.

He's all that and more. Even if Derrick doesn't pull off the upset I'd be somewhat mollified if MF gets under 6%.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Party

The GOP really needs to go work on their anger issues, not to mention the gullibility thing.

Bonus Jesse Watters:

The Elections Are Rigged Because Trump Sez So

And the liberal media doesn't. Nice column in the PS this morning.

Donald Trump backer in North Carolina who believes climate change is a hoax, drug cartels control the government and, because it has just popped up as a headline on his so-called smartphone, that Obama has announced plans to seek a third presidential term.

The Trump backer, Allan Thiel, complains that “people aren’t being taught history anymore” and “they’ve dumbed everybody down.” As if to prove the point, he elaborates, “Our country has never had any problems for the last 200 years. We’ve never had a problem with guns or racism until the last eight years.”

At the risk of appearing "dumbed down," I do believe there is such a thing as reality. 

That a “reality” is shared does not make it real. Separating fact from fiction can actually be done.

I'm happy to read that Lueders agrees with me. 

We needn’t belabor the point that rigging a national election is logistically impossible, as officials of both parties have stressed. It would require thousands of people conspiring to subvert American democracy while somehow concealing their historic crime. Considering that the Clinton campaign can’t even keep its emails private, that’s a too-heavy lift.

Yeah, that's the problem with conspiracy theories: all those people you have to "silence" to make them work. 

Charlie Sykes, a conservative radio host in Wisconsin and MSNBC contributor, has been eloquent in lamenting how, through decades of “demonizing the liberal mainstream media,” commentators including himself have “destroyed the credibility of any credible (media) outlet.” Says he, “We’ve basically eliminated any of the referees, the gatekeepers.”

Sure, now he notices. BTW, Sykes is obviously a RINO if he appears on MSNBC so you can't trust anything he says anyway. 

Getting back to the rigged election, here's Rex Smith from the TU. 

Rigging a presidential election is impossible in America. Don't take my word for it (what, you don't trust the media?) — just ask any local election official. They're the experts, you know, because it's our neighbors who run elections in this country, not some big federal agency.

The notion that you could get thousands of county elections clerks, from Albany to Anchorage, to conspire to commit criminal fraud would be laughable if it weren't so offensive.

Imagine how many poll workers would have to agree to look the other way and allow tens of millions of people to vote more than once. Consider the fact that they would have to come from both parties, because each side has its own poll officials and watchers.

As someone who works as an election inspector, it's my sad duty to report that what he says is true. I work with two Republicans who will not allow me to rig the vote in Fort Edward in order to throw the election to Hillary. What's this country coming to?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

They Should Charge For It


Maybe people would value it more.

Local Hero

Sadly, the city of Albany NY is now going to have to remain under the iron fist of tyranny.

A self-described "resistance fighter" who was reputedly forming a militia in Greene County boasted of his ability to kill dozens of people and attack federal buildings in Albany to combat "tyranny" in the event of Armageddon, court papers revealed Wednesday.

A big thank you to the FBI and the informant who had the courage to get close enough to this nut to make the case. 

The FBI launched the probe after learning Twiss "was forming, or had formed, a militia based in Greene County that had plans to engage in acts of violence," the document said. The FBI used an informant to pose as someone interested in joining Twiss' militia and to record Twiss. The complaint suggested Twiss had been in a prior militia but was miffed at his former militia mates.

Really? Miffed? I don want to thank Robert Twiss. He's my go-to example the next time someone pulls out that stupid "we need guns to defend against tyranny" bullshit. Yes, it's my blog and I don't have to stick in expletive like the TU does. 

That day, Twiss said he could "can get guns all day long" and was a "resistance fighter." If an Armageddon situation were to happen, he would go into the city of Albany and "take up arms" against the "tyranny," the complaint said.

While we're in Albany's finest newspaper, here's an op piece by Jeffrey Swanson. 

I am worried about seriously angry people coming to polling places on Nov. 8 carrying handguns.

As an academic who studies gun violence from a public health perspective, I rely on scientific data to characterize risk. Last year, my colleagues and I published a research study which found that 1.5 percent of adult Americans had impulsive angry behavior traits and carried guns with them in public.

Thank God I live in NY and Robert Twiss is now behind bars. 

I am not very troubled by a gun as a cultural symbol. I am concerned about a gun as a highly efficient killing device in the wrong hands. A small percentage of gun-carrying voters this Nov. 8 — about 3 out of every 200, in polling places that allow guns — will be dangerously angry people who cannot control their tempers. Some of them will have been marinating in Trump's message of fear and loathing of outsiders. They will have heard him say that the "Second Amendment people" may need to do something if Clinton wins. In a crowded queue they will rub shoulders — and maybe elbows — with neighbors waiting in the same lines who vehemently reject everything Trump says and stands for.

Guns need not be a part of a moment like that.

One of my chores online today was to look up this letter. It fits here, so what the hell. It's a Kev's Klassic from Dec 2015:

In response to Scott Graves from El Paso, I'd like to say that your love for the Adirondacks must be very shallow if being required to pay a bit in taxes and follow some restrictions on your guns keeps you from living here. If you're retired, it doesn't even seem that your income tax bill would be that high. I know there are people here who own guns and hunt. Don't believe they use AR-15s, though. Unlike Texans, New Yorkers don't make a practice of going, en masse, into restaurants bearing assault rifles. We don't have that level of insecurity.

Of course, recently a lot of folks in Texas were convinced that they were going to be invaded by the U.S. military. No, I don't get it either, but that's what they thought. So, they may have anxiety problems that are only relieved by their guns. And you know what; Gov. Abbott, Sen. Cruz and other Texas politicians did nothing to dissuade their citizenry of that notion. The governor even sent out the National Guard to keep an eye on the federal troops.

The same Texas government fought the Affordable Care Act fervently while New York was working with the federal government to implement it here. The difference shows now too. So, I'll take the "overbearing" government that works to ensure its citizens have health insurance over the one that doesn't, and is willing to allow its people to believe conspiracy theories. I'm retired, as well. I do love New York, and I'm willing to pay taxes in order to live in a sane and civilized society.

Graves' letter:

Yet another decade passes and still I hesitate moving back to my beloved southern Adirondacks. Why? I'm retired now so I certainly could go. The problems lie in the overbearing control that the state government exerts on its citizens. Your taxes are astronomical. Texas has no income tax. Your gun laws are horrifying. I buy and keep as many guns as I want in Texas including the dreaded AR-15. My Adirondacks will remain a distant memory and Texas my adopted home.

Oh how I miss thee, my beloved Adirondacks. Not enough to give up a few insignificant gun rights, tho. What a shallow love that must be. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Time For National Gun Laws

As long as the nation doesn't go all open carry, that is. Every gun argument I've ever gotten into with a gun fetishist has come around to "what about all the murders in Chicago?" Fortunately here in NY we don't have deaths at that level. Not for lack of trying by the dealers in illegal guns.

Of the 30,606 guns found with complete transaction histories, law enforcement officials recovered 5,873 within three years of the last known recorded purchase, including 2,437 within one year.

And a hefty one-in-five guns recovered after use in crimes were recently trafficked into New York.

The low “time-to-crime” number, the report says, is a strong indication that the weapons were purchased “with the intent to be diverted to criminal use.”

In New York City, 91% of the low "time-to-crime" guns originated out-of-state, the analysis found. That's the largest percentage in the state. Long Island came in second at 58%.

I really don't mind if other states want to sell weapons and ammo in 7/11s. But, keep 'em in your state.

“The data makes one thing abundantly clear: New York’s strong gun laws are being undermined at every turn by lax laws in other states,” Schneiderman said. “Even as we work to make our streets safer, the illegal guns most often used in violent crimes continue to pour into our state.”

A nation of 50 states knit together through commerce is ultimately only as safe as its weakest firearm regulations allow.

Which is why Congress must, hopefully under the leadership of a President Hillary Clinton, finally require what 90% of the public supports: background checks for all gun purchases, including those at gun shows and over the internet.

And why the Senate and recalcitrant House must go further and pass Sens. Kirsten Gillibrand and Mark Kirk’s bill to make gun trafficking — moving firearms for the purpose of selling them to criminals — a federal felony.

Otherwise, firearms will continue to flow freely through the pipeline. And, contrary to the gun lobby mythologists, more guns will bring more death.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Should I?

I'm a little uneasy about putting this up. It needs to be said, tho.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Did You Make the List?

The NY Times with a list of everyone and everything Trump has insulted. As of today.

The public. That's my favorite.

Plant That Bell and Let It Ring

Don't be trying to get high off it, tho.

Hemp Pilot Program, which allows New York to issue up to 10 permits for growers, two of which were awarded this year.

Technically, hemp and marijuana, which are derived from the same plant, are classified as a schedule 1 drug. But industrial hemp is low in THC, the chemical that gets drug users high.

It's in my neighborhood.

She and others hope will soon grow in the state's Southern Tier, where land once planned for hydrofracking now sits vacant and unused.

No, please. Think of the frackers!

In New York, the first industrial hemp farm — JD Farms, located in Easton, Washington County — has already started growing after the end of a decades long moratorium on the plant.

Don't know what they're growing it there for. I buy hemp seeds at the health food store for my multi grain breads. 

Currently, hemp farmers are required to partner with local universities or colleges to develop an educational use for the plant in conjunction with agriculture departments. JD Farms has paired with hemp researchers at Morrisville State College.

Gonna have to check with Dr. Tim and see if ACC is getting into the action.

Facebook link

Boycott the Election, Trumpkins

It's the only way the government is ever going to take you seriously.

Do we participate in a corrupt and morally flawed system that only benefits our worst enemy? Do we give Hillary and our entire political system the aura of legitimacy by going to the polls on Election Day? Doesn’t that just perpetuate the globalists we’ve been fighting against all along?

Fight the power by not fighting the power. Take a page from the libtard Alinsky playbook. 

More seriously, here's Michael Gerson who's in one of my local papers, the Times Union. The fact that I'm reading what he writes is probably a good indication that the supporters of Herr Trump are never going to. Sadly. He ends this column with a fear I've had for some time now.

With the final debate over, two points are particularly evident. First, a serious GOP candidate would probably be winning this election, which was forfeited the moment Trump became the nominee. And second, an authoritarian populist with serious abilities might have a disturbingly large audience in 21st-century America. Imagine a Trump-like figure with the political skills of Bill Clinton or Tony Blair, feeding and riding the backlash against rapid economic and social change. It is the first time in my political lifetime that I have seen fragility at the heart of American democracy. And that glimpse should shock us back to a more civil and responsible politics.

That would be the horror: someone with the beliefs of Trump in a prettier package.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Thanks Infidel

I needed that.

The Letters Keep Coming

I'll be so sad when this election is over and I don't have the daily LsTTE to read. Let's start with one of my old favorites, Marjorie Bovee.

I agree with Harrison Francett’s recent letter regarding Ken Tingley’s lack of outrage over Hillary’s continuous lies, past and current email scandals, attorney general and Bill Clinton’s secret plane conversation, the FBI’s coddling and Bill’s sexual actions as president that almost caused his impeachment. No mention of these hardly at all.

It's so sad that Gropegate is so much more titillating than an e-mail scandal. I will point out that Bill Clinton's infidelities were quite well-covered at the time they occurred. Oh God, were they!

Also not mentioned are the adulterous escapades of Democrats Lyndon Johnson and John F. Kennedy. Eisenhower was said to have had a military girlfriend and Ronald Reagan was married more than once. JFK was known to have many women come forward regarding sexual matters while married to Jackie. Even with these sexual accusations, they carried on with the country’s business and made important decisions.   

It's a newspaper, not a history book. BTW, all those guys were able to competently run campaigns while carrying on their dalliances. Trump can't even do that. 

Unfair and lopsided news reporting by anyone suggests dictatorship control of the worst kind and brainwashing of the public to the reporter’s or TV news commentator’s own personal and political party’s agenda. We don’t have to worry about Russia as our minds are already being controlled by the press and mainstream media TV commentators on NBC, CBS, ABC, etc., who bombard our homes and lives with tilted information of their own choosing, not the facts from both sides of the stories. 

Hillary Clinton is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life. And you shouldn't bring up Russia since they are on the side of your candidate.

A dictator’s first line of control is the news and press, and it looks like the U.S. has been under a dictatorship for the past eight years at least. Do you really want more of the same? Actions speak louder than words (Bill Clinton, JFK, LBJ). America’s only chance for real change is finally here with Donald Trump, and we should not be afraid to give him a chance to make America great again along with us. No amount of Hillary’s lies and corrupt reporting will change my mind.

If I wasn't so amused I'd stick a fork in my eye. Thanks Margie!

A short mention of Mario Hepp because he is one of my old faves. 

Elise Stefanik is a steady breeze in a sea of corruption in New York state and this present scandal ridden administration. This woman has the right qualities to execute her position to its highest level; honesty, integrity and leadership, a quality that most politicians lack here in New York state and certainly within the Obama administration.

That was pretty much it. Points for brevity and the poetry of the steady breeze. Since Stefanik is running for Congress, I'm not sure what she's going to do about corruption in NY, tho. 

As always, the best is last. As the first shall be. I have some concern for the well-being of this man. I've been reading his letters for some time and do have some concern for his mental health. You're up, Stiling Knight

Although you made a mistake when you published your article in which you said “all of us are becoming less human,” at least you edit a paper that is admirably not the case of yellow journalism that is sweeping our country.

OK, I don't know what that means, but it sounds like a compliment. Always say something nice at the start. I try to do that in my letters, too. 

We may have already passed the point of no return by having accepted the Nazi condition ruled by Adolf Hitler. Everyone in the highest level of government was completely afraid of him. A mere glance at a certain person in the room with Hitler would mean that some other person in the room would not exist at some time within the next 24 hours.

Moving on quickly past the niceties. Oh yeah, wtf? I don't think he means that Hitler could kill with a glance. Not positive, tho.

That is what a dictatorship is, and a dictatorship is what I meant when you published my revelation that “Hillary Clinton directed and enforced her views on practically everything President Bill Clinton could say or do during the eight years Bill Clinton was president of the United States.”

So, she was cool with the blowjobs? And are you on the same thing John was on when he had his Revelations? Ergot maybe?

When the American Army closed in on Berlin in World War II on the west and the Russian Army closed in on the east, Hitler said “All is lost” and killed himself and his wife, but his bodyguard overheard Joseph Goebbels and his wife planning to kill their six teenage children. This greatly disturbed the bodyguard, and the Goebbels did kill their six teenage children.

I'm wondering how he knows that the bodyguard was greatly disturbed. Touching, if true. It's hard to get too weepy over the death of Goebbels and family. 

This is characteristic of a dictatorship when it ends. However, if we vote for a dictatorship on Nov. 8, there is no way it will ever end. There will be no armies approaching Washington, D.C.

On the subject of weepy. He seems a little misty that there will be no armies marching on Washington. I see that as a good thing. Also the thought of Democratic presidents from now til the end of time is kinda cool, too. 

If a phalanx of Jewish folks refuses to vote for the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, they will have, by themselves, saved this country from a dictatorship in our country that will never end.

Yes, I'm sure the Jewish folks will be much better off with a guy endorsed by David Duke. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

More Beautiful LsTTE, And Some Not So

Not so beautiful that is, but plenty nutso. God was very active on the letters page today. First up, Carl (not Cal) Thomas. He was really  kinda boring as he outsourced most of his letter to a quote. And then this about how we're on our way back to bondage.

During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence.” 

1. From bondage to spiritual faith; 
2. From spiritual faith to great courage; 
3. From courage to liberty; 
4. From liberty to abundance; 
5. From abundance to complacency; 
6. From complacency to apathy; 
7. From apathy to dependence; 
8. From dependence back into bondage.

The dumbing down of America.

Yeah, that dumbing down is a problem. It likely explains over half his letter being the equivalent of copy and paste. Let's get to the finale. Bring on God!

We may be one vote away from dictatorship. Vote wisely.

Remember always, it is God who places rulers and kings. God has his program and this portion is nearing completion. Next phase soon to start. Look into God’s program for your well-being. The USA is not found as a player in end time events in his book (the Bible).

If God is omniscient and wrote the Bible it's kinda interesting that he would have left us out of it. That's very strange. It's almost like it was written by men who didn't know this land mass was here. 

Next up is Elizabeth Sullivan, who I don't believe achieved true humorless harpy of hate status with her letter. Keep trying, Liz. You can do it.

I think we all agree that the candidates running for the presidency are atrocious. It boggles the mind that out of 320 million people, they are the best we can do.

I'm relatively happy with HRC. 

However, this election is the most important one in over two centuries. It will determine whether the U.S. remains a free nation or becomes a Marxist Socialist nation. This election is not about the candidates or a popularity contest or party lines. It is about who to vote for who will save our country.

I'm confused. I thought Obama already turned us Marxist Socialist. 

A vote for Donald Trump is for the continuation of freedom and liberty, capitalism and the Constitution, a Supreme Court that is fair and balanced, that won't push their progressive agenda on everyone, a "free" America.    

She left out truth. justice and the American way. Why is free in scare quotes?

I truly believe he can bring back our economy, help the poor and secure our borders. People may say "Donald Trump is a time bomb." Have no fear.  If he got out of control, the Congress and Senate will impeach him in a heartbeat. That is the beauty of our government; checks and balances.

Reading this I have to question her "faith" in Trump. As a frequent letter writer, I would question the wisdom of the line saying Trump is a time bomb and then offering that he might be. And thanks for explaining how our government works. It's odd to say Congress and the Senate when the Senate is part of Congress, tho. And it's actually the part that does that impeachy thing. I'd prefer not to take a chance on the system working so well and not elect him in the first place.

Well, had to save the best for last: Patricia Harrington. She's a frequent contributor and never disappoints. Certainly not today.

We are all worked up about Mr. Trump’s past. Yet we are not concerned with the very sketchy, disgusting history that we all know for sure exists with the Clintons.

Yes, please don't mention any of that history. We'll just take that for granted. 

Before all of us were born, our ancestors were sent a savior by God to help us to change and all we had to do is to listen and follow him.

Is He on the ballot?

Our leaders at that time made us afraid to listen and follow. They told lies about him and convinced us that he was evil. We agreed to crucify that one savior.

She gets kudos for not going all anti-Semitic and pointing out who "they" were. 

I am not comparing Mr. Trump to Jesus Christ.

Then what the hell did you bring up Jesus for? Cuz I don't see any other reason.

But I am saying that here we have a man trying to save us from all the evil that has been weighing on our country. Mr. Trump has enough money to hop on his plane with all the people he cares about and just move out of this country.

Don't get my hopes up. I'm sure he can find a lovely dacha in Russia.

He is trying to help us, and we are treating him like our ancestors treated Jesus. 

See. Now, there you go comparing him to Him again. 

Have we not learned from history mistakes? Read your Bibles. Be not afraid of change.

I've read it. Trump ain't in it. And as Carl Thomas notes, the United States isn't either. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

It's a Beautiful Day in the LTTE

It is when one of the original humorless harpies of hate makes an appearance. Thank you Judy Thomas for brightening up a gray Friday.

He said, she said. Well, I don’t care what someone said a decade or more ago about anything or anyone. We all have our own regrets. Makes no difference if you’re president or ditch digger! I care about how the job gets done. Being POTUS is the most important job in the world! It affects all of us.

I'm thinking probably unless it's Bill or Hillary Clinton, but sadly she doesn't go there.

I know Trump isn’t perfect. His mouth gets him into trouble. Mostly with people so weak their skin is thinned to the point of real reason. And I like that he says just what he thinks. Boo hoo, “sticks and stones” remember that saying?

I do remember the sticks and stones thing. That part about people with skin thinned to the point of real reason is throwing me, tho.

But at least he’s not so power hungry that he’d eat his own young as I ponder the one child the power queen had. This ol’ gal has committed crooked land deals to treason and gotten away with murder! Literally! 

Please let Vince Foster rest in peace. I'd heard a lot of slanders against HRC. This is the first allegation of cannibalism, tho. I don't get out enough.

She used our state to be senator for a stepping stone to this point only. Her “home state” Arkansas wouldn’t allow her that! Those folks knew what she was back then!

Not to pick nits, but I believe her "home state" would be Illinois same as Obama and Lincoln. Hmmm, there must be a conspiracy theory in that somewhere. As to her Senate career in New York, she won in 2000 with 55% and in 2006 with 67%. At that rate, she was only a few terms away from 100%.

When you vote in a few weeks you need only ask yourself a few questions, and ponder a few thoughts, with common sense answers! 

Judy, I think your common sense done got up and gone. On to the quiz!

How many freedoms have you lost? 


Who do you trust not to lie, deceive or be corrupt? 

The Nasty Woman. Hillary!!!!!!!!

Do you want a president who owes no one but you, or a tyrannical queen who is already bought and paid for by special interests?

I think this question is rigged and I refuse to accept the results.

Do you want the Constitution intact with the Second Amendment or ripped apart as promised by Hillary the horrible?

I didn't realize she had promised to rip up the second amendment. Oh well, one more reason to vote for her. Also, I thought she was married to Bill, not Hagar. 

Do you want to keep the items this amendment allows you?

Since I'm not a gun fetishist, I'm not worried. Strike that, I'm not worried anyway because I know how our fuckin' government works.

As for Trump’s women, immigrant, etc. comments? I think he’s just like you! And that’s what bothers those of you who are uncomfortable. Not with him, yourself!

No, Donald Trump and I are not just alike. You and Donald Trump may be alike, tho. I believe Judy is entirely missing what bothers us about Trump.

President or dictatress? Your choice!

And another false choice it is.

A Not So Hinged Comment From the GP

Heeeeeere"s Matt:

Bravado from the Democratic marketing machine trying hard to sway votes toward one of the two brands of toothpaste the two corporate war parties are trying to sell here. Good luck, Mike Derrick! We have internal polls as well and they show you losing this race more terribly than even Aaron Woolf did. Worse yet, you aren't even running to represent US but because you think that the job is likely to open up avenues of greater wealth for you. The most important thing we've learned is that almost 45% of "likely voters" are still undecided in our district (slightly ahead of the historic and unprecedented national numbers of undecideds). That says to me that you and your corporate buddy, Elise ... and your two corporate war parties ... are just like your two fiendish and horrific presidential candidates ... confused and in trouble. You have no idea what is going to happen. If you weren't so busy "campaigning" on Wall Street and on K Street and were focused instead on the voters in our actual district, you would already know that very few people are drinking your Koolaid. When I am campaigning, here in our actual district, I meet very few people (especially Democrats) who are excited about having a rich, Reagan Republican from Colorado "represent" them. You're not inspiring anyone. Drop out and stop playing this little cynical game with people's lives.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Wow, Schilling is a Bigger Idiot Than Trump

Here's a link to Schilling on a radio show defending Trump's pedophile leaning. And on TV. He's very classy.

Here's Charles Pierce on his dream of a Schilling run against Elizabeth Warren.

Holy god, what a box of rocks. "How stupid do these politicians have to be to hand a boatload of money to a meathead like me?" This is going to take further explanation, I think, if only for the sake of hilarity. 

Yes, it should be noted that he's not thinking of running for office in Rhode Island.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Here Are Your Third Party Alternatives

This is why Bill Weld endorsed Hillary.

Bonus video.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

GMO Nonsense

Henry Miller and Andrew Seidenfeld write about GMOs in Times Union the other day.

When it holds its annual meeting in November in Saratoga Springs, NYSPTA will vote on a resolution urging the state to ban all food and drinks that contain "GMOs" from school cafeterias and vending machines. This proposal is contrary to science and common sense. 

I wish the anti-science types would all stay on the Right.

Every reputable scientific body and regulatory agency that has examined these methods — from the National Academies of Science and the American Medical Association to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and World Health Organization — has declared them as safe as older techniques. Recently, 113 Nobel laureates, most of whom won their prizes in medicine and science, wrote an open letter supporting the safety of GMOs and encouraging their adoption worldwide.

I recently took a continuing ed class at ACC where the instructor went off on an anti-GMO rant. No more classes from him. 

It's Funiciello in a Landslide

Yes, Matt has at least 3 or 4 Facebook posts up touting an online poll from a local newspaper.

It's too funny. I actually wouldn't be surprised if Funiciello starts in on the election being rigged if he loses.

Lucky for me I love barbecued crow. Just in case. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Final Draft

     Reading Matt Funiciello's political strategy reminded me of that old saying: Quitters never win; they just stay in the race to trip another runner. "If I come in second, it's an amazing forward movement." Aaron Woolf's candidacy was flawed, which I don't believe was totally his fault. Nevertheless, he won Clinton and Essex Counties outright, beat Funiciello by 200 votes in Warren County and had over three times the number of votes overall. Is Mike Derrick such an inferior candidate that the outcome is going to be reversed? And are the local newspapers going to back someone whose goal is to finish second? I'm totally cool with him being endorsed to place.
     Over the next few years, Congresswoman Stefanik will have the chance to vote on many pieces of legislation. Derrick's votes on climate change, funding Planned Parenthood, funding the CDC to study firearm deaths, Paul Ryan's attempts to make Trump richer, etc. would not be the same as hers. If she was re-elected. Presumably Funiciello would vote in a similar fashion as Derrick. But, he's admitted he can't win. Mike hasn't quit and actually has a chance of winning. Maybe getting better all the time.

     Let's elect Mike Derrick so Funiciello can spend his time calling on Republicans not to run anyone in 2018. I know, as a Democrat, I've grown tired of hearing it about our candidates for the past two and a half years. And fellow Democrats, remember; this November you have the chance to not only vote against Donald Trump, but also Matt Funiciello. Live green, vote blue!

Lives Well Lived

I don't care what you've accomplished with your life this woman's obit will make you feel inadequate.

Mary told wonderful stories of those days; including one of her flying with the base mailman in an open cockpit plane — upside down — over Grand Island, much to the concern of her landlady, Mrs. Livingston.

Oh, but that's such a small part. Read it all. 

And while reading Andy Borowitz, I saw this piece. If they gave the Nobel to Dylan, Leonard Cohen can't be far behind.

He alternated between extreme discipline and the varieties of abandon. There were days of fasting to concentrate the mind. There were drugs to expand it: pot, speed, acid. “I took trip after trip, sitting on my terrace in Greece, waiting to see God,” he said years later. “Generally, I ended up with a bad hangover.”

No word on whether he ever flew upside down in an open cockpit plane. But then, it doesn't sound like he needed the plane.

"Putting your house in order, if you can do it, is one of the most comforting activities, and the benefits of it are incalculable.”

Words to live by.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Trump's Peers

Thank you, Nick Anderson. Also see Tom Delay's "you can't touch this" at his page.

And Jesus Smiled

Liberty U students have minds of their own, much to the chagrin of Jerry Falwell Jr., I'm sure.

“We are Liberty students who are disappointed with President Falwell’s endorsement and are tired of being associated with one of the worst presidential candidates in American history,” the statement said. “Donald Trump does not represent our values and we want nothing to do with him…. He has made his name by maligning others and bragging about his sins. Not only is Donald Trump a bad candidate for president, he is actively promoting the very things that we as Christians ought to oppose.”

Congratulations to them for being real Christians.

Oops, there go the UVA Republicans, too.

The University of Virginia College Republicans have voted to rescind the club’s endorsement of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump following the public release of remarks he made about women in a 2005 video.

You ask, is our children learning? Apparently, they are.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

War With Russia

Just want to make sure I don't lose track of this comment from Matt Funiciello.

Ken, Donald Trump is a racist and a misogynist and a xenophobe and homophobe and so much more. He is a train wreck of a human being. On this point we are agreed. He is a spoiled rich kid who lives inside the rape culture and inside of his own inflated ego and mind. He is the kind of bad man that makes good men (ones who love their wives, their mothers their daughters and their female friends) cringe. We are all embarrassed to share a gender with this creature. That said, we have no evidence that Donald Trump has any support from House Dems at all and very little evidence to suggest he will have any or much support from the GOP's lobbyist pool, either. He really does seem to be an "outsider" to some degree. That means "lame duck" for four years with major gridlock (good thing for us). Hillary Clinton has 3/4 of DC terrified or bought off so her agenda might well be implemented overnight immediately upon her election. That means war with Russia. She will continue the failed war on drugs and the racist mass incarceration that accompanies it. Militarization of police. Fake free trade accompanied by even more rampant job loss. More illegal coups like her awful and brutal coup in Honduras. Trump is a terrible man and a terrible candidate but he's also someone who will never get to do what he wants, politically. Hillary is a proven liar, killer and oligarch who will effect her agenda. Take an honest look at which of these choices is really the least worst and then ... vote for Jill Stein, the only rational non-corporate candidate in the race.

There's just so much wrong with it but:

It seems like a pretty safe bet at this point that HRC is going to be the next president. Guess I'll start digging the bomb shelter for that war with Russia. It's a shame the country won't reap all the benefits of gridlocked government in Washington.

Jill Stein and Trump have one thing in common: love for Vlad Putin.

With Red Square as her backdrop, Stein suggested that we need to “replace a US policy of domination with a way forward based on respect, collaboration, international law and human rights.”

She added, “we’ve seen that vision really resonate here.”

I don't really expect HRC to start a war with Russia. I don't expect her to praise their record on international law and human rights either.

No reply back yet.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Good Night, Republican Party

Just want to post a link to this story first. The trouble with Trump is that there is so much going wrong you have to have peripheral vision extending to the back of your head to take it all in. If you're not full up with the main course that was the leaked video, have some dessert.

BTW, what other October surprises will there be? No October surprise in this one, though. This is just Trump being Trump.

The federal government is allowing illegal immigrants to flow into the U.S. so they can vote, Donald Trump alleged without evidence Friday, fueling his own argument that November’s presidential election will be rigged against him.

Yes, normally there would be enough crazy in that to sink a candidate. Not this year, though. Didn't want to let it pass anyway. Because of the leaked tape those illegal immigrants are going to be able to pour into the country and stuff the ballot boxes for Democrats. Good work by Obama's minions in the Under-handed Plots Department. 

And just to put up a happy story, and since I stole the post title from it, here's Richard Wolffe. 

It’s going to get worse for Donald Trump and his Republican party. Much worse.

Normal candidates might have realized they were bumping along the bottom of their election – if not, their life – when video emerged of them bragging, as a newlywed, about forcing themselves on women, genitals and all.

But not the man who promises to make America great again. No, Donald Trump’sso-called apology video was even more incompetent and incoherent than the rest of his campaign to date. And that’s quite an achievement for a man who has attacked a grieving, Gold Star family.

Go. Read the rest. You know you want to. 

Sweet Jesus, I Hate Matt Funiciello

Not really. Jesus said not to hate people and I'm down with that. It's not good for you and it doesn't affect them at all. Bastards.

Anyway. After killing many of my darlings, the LTTE continues in rewrite.

Reading  Matt Funiciello’s political strategy reminded me of that old saying: Quitters never win. They just stay in the race to trip another runner. Are the local newspapers going to endorse someone whose goal is to finish second? “If I come in second, it’s an amazing forward movement.” Don’t sell it short. Miraculous would be a better adjective. Aaron Woolf’s candidacy was flawed, not totally his fault. Despite that, he won Warren County by 200 votes, won Clinton and Essex Counties outright and received over three times the votes Funiciello did. Is Mike Derrick such an inferior candidate those results will be reversed? Sorry. I don’t  pretend well.

Over the next few years, Congresswoman Stefanik will have the chance to vote on many pieces of legislation. Derrick’s votes on climate change, funding Planned Parenthood, funding the CDC to study gun deaths, Paul Ryan’s attempts to help Trump get richer, etc. would not be the same as hers, if she’s re-elected. Presumably Funiciello would also vote in a similar fashion to Derrick. But, he’s admitted he can’t win. Mike Derrick has not quit and actually has a chance of winning. Getting better all the time.

Let’s elect Derrick so that Matt Funiciello can spend his time calling on the Republicans not to run anyone in 2018. I know, as a Democrat, I’m tired of hearing it about our candidates.  And fellow Democrats, remember; this November you have the chance to not only vote against Donald Trump, but also Matt Funiciello. 

By Thursday, when I can actually submit it, it'll be Pulitzer worthy. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Green Lunacy is Spreading

Apparently it has infected the Post Star. Matt Funiciello is in there today babbling about how he'll be happy to finish second. And they found a few political advisers to agree that "yes, that's possible."

“If I come in second, it’s amazing forward movement,” said Funiciello, who is running in the 21st Congressional District against U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-Willsboro, and Democrat Mike Derrick, a retired Army colonel from Peru, in Clinton County. 

Amazing forward movement is not strong enough. Miracle on the order of fish and loaves.

“If we beat a major party, whether it’s Elise or Mike, that’s never been done in a (three-way) congressional race, ever, as far as we know,”

And it's not going to now.

Funiciello said he is not out to promote himself but to build the Green Party as an alternative party.

And destroy the Democratic Party. 

Latest incarnation of my proposed LTTE: 

I’d like to comment on Matt Funiciello’s latest attempt to extort Democrats into not running a candidate for Congress. Now or ever. “I’m intending to, whether I win or not on election night, announce on election night, that it is time for the Democrats to stop running.” He’s been announcing that since 2014. It’s moldy. “I think what’s going to happen is I’m going to beat the Democrat in this election cycle.” Yeah, okay. As flawed a candidate as Aaron Woolf was; he beat Mr. Funiciello by 200 votes in Warren County, won Essex and Clinton Counties outright and received three times the number of votes overall. “In the next race hopefully Democrats will say, you know what, let’s let Funiciello have a shot at this. Let’s let Greens have a shot at it.” Keep hoping. If no one else runs, I will. And I’ve been living in the district for 59 years and was a Democrat out of the womb, raised on tales of FDR.

Far be it from me to discount the amusement value of the ads the Stefanik campaign would run in a one on one race. I can see some of his Greensplaining, from the recent debate, to the folks in the Adirondacks in a TV spot. He’d be as popular as the APA upstate. And then there are some of his other interesting ideas.

The idea that the Democrats defer to the guy that finished a distant third two years ago makes as much sense as many of Funiciello’s other ideas. If he was a paragon just for not being a member of the major parties, I’d vote for him. He’s not. And by the way, how delusional does anyone have to be to think he has a chance of finishing second? 

Glad I still have 5 or 6 days to rewrite over and over before I can submit it. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

First Recorded Use of the Term Greensplaining

Yet to be recognized by spell check. This is a draft of a letter to the Post Star. Unfortunately, I'm out of letters until September 15. Two per 30 days is the limit and I've been prolific lately.

     I’d like to comment on Matt Funiciello’s latest attempt to extort Democrats into not running a candidate for Congress. Now or ever. “I’m intending to, whether I win or not on election night, announce on election night, that it is time for the Democrats to stop running.” He’s been announcing that since 2014. It’s pretty moldy. “I think what’s going to happen is I’m going to beat the Democrat in this election cycle.” Yeah, okay. As flawed a candidate as Aaron Woolf was; he beat Mr. Funiciello by 200 votes in Warren County, won Essex and Clinton Counties outright and received three times the number of votes overall. “In the next race hopefully Democrats will say, you know what, let’s let Funiciello have a shot at this. Let’s let Greens have a shot at it.” Keep hoping. If no one else runs, I will. And I’ve been living in the district for 59 years and was a Democrat out of the womb, raised on tales of FDR.
     Far be it from me to discount the amusement value of the ads the Stefanik campaign would run in a one on one race. I can see some of his Greensplaining, from the recent debate, to the folks in the Adirondacks in a TV spot. He’d be as popular as the APA upstate. And then there are some of his other interesting ideas.

     If he wants to be the Lyndon LaRouche of New York’s 21st district, he has every right to. I hope Democrats who aren’t saying “let’s let Funiciello have a shot at this” will join me in making sure he gets less than the ten percent he got last time, though. And even less in 2018 than this November. And on and on steadily until he evaporates

 Here's an oldie with MF suggesting, at about 3;30, that he should have veto power over the 2016 Democratic candidate. 

And if you watch all of it you'll see that despite the title, "Funiciello concession," it's very light on any conceding. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Quote of the Day: Megyn Kelly

In talking about the world's greatest bidnessman ever:

Megyn Kelly on Monday pressed Donald Trump advisor Boris Epshteyn to answer for the workers who were “completely screwed” and “hung out to dry” by the real estate mogul in 1995—the year he declared $915 million in losses on tax returns

Just want to point out that in 1995 the S and P 500 rose over 32%. Oh, that's right. There was a Democrat in the White House.

Green Party Saboteur

Is Matt Funiciello's goal to win as representative of the district? Don't be silly.

Then, in a series of interviews, Funiciello declared that he was mostly putting his sights on Derrick, the Democrat from the town of Peru. Speaking with the Watertown Daily Times Editorial board, Funiciello said that he will probably lose the race this year, but hopes to set the stage for a win in 2018.

“I think what’s going to happen is I’m going to beat the Democrat in this election cycle,” Funiciello said. “And I’m going to show that we really better talk together about doing something with the voters who are out there for the next election cycle.”

Yes, he knows he's not going to win, but he wants to so damage the Democrats that they don't run a candidate in 2018. And no, he's not going to beat the Democrat in this cycle. 

It’s unconventional for a candidate to talk in these terms in the middle of an on-going election, not least because Funiciello also says bluntly that many Democrats in the North Country may not support him, even if he is the only candidate on the left. "I think there are many [Democrats] who would support Elise in a third race, honestly," Funiciello said. "Those voters are going to keep voting for war and empire and economic injustice, so long as they've got theirs."

Funiciello went on to predict that a "huge majority" of voters made up of "non-voters, independents, Democrats, Greens and Socialists who are going to say enough is enough" could eventually give him a majority of votes.

Let's go to last night's debate to address that idea of the "majority" he's going to put together in defeating Stefanik one on one. 

Stefanik and Derrick said they are in favor of expanding broadband access into the North Country. Funiciello cited the peacefulness of the area and said he does not want to see “forever wild” land turned over to cell towers.

“One of the things I find most wonderful about the Adirondacks is my phone does not work most of the time,” he said, adding he is more worried about government surveillance of citizens’ activity on the internet.

Leaving aside the fact that it would be nice to be able make a call to AAA or 9/11 if the need was to arise. I spent the first 19 years of my life in the Adirondacks. I remember how widely loathed the APA was because they were outsiders telling park residents how to live. He just took his vote count among anyone who has ever lived in the Park to zero. This is a guy who lives in Hudson Falls and works in Glens Falls and Moreau is saying people upstate have to stay "forever wild" and can't have cell service because it's so wonderful for him not to have it when he's driving through.

UPDATE: I neglected to provide a link to the video of the debate.

In case you don't want to listen to the whole thing. At around 19:00, Matt is telling the farmers of the North Country what they should be producing on their farms. At around 27:00, he's telling the "exhibits" in the Adirondacks how lucky they are not to have broadband or cell reception. And BTW, they should stay "forever wild." Adirondackers love when a flatlander who has never lived within miles of the Park tells them how they should live. I've been gone for 40 years and that still pisses me off to hear it. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Food Waste Recycling in Bethlehem

Continuing with positive posts and pure Trump-avoidance is this story in the TU today.

The Capital Region has several community-based food scrap recycling programs and a couple of municipal programs. Watervliet picks up food scraps from about 100 households. Bethlehem is rolling out a pilot program that will allow residents to drop off food waste at collection sites around town.

It's terrible to see that not only is there so much food waste, but what there is makes up the largest portion of our solid waste. Here's the link to Bethlehem's web page on the program. I compost everything possible already. It's something that might be a good idea for communities in Washington County, though.

This seems like a good spot for pics of my cold frames that I got into the ground today. Started some cabbage seeds, too. They're a short season, only 60 days. I'll probably be almost out of sauerkraut by then. 

Thank You, Lebron James

It's so hard to post anything on Trump because he's such a, hate to use the cliche, target-rich environment. So, let's just go to something positive.

 I am determined to make sure my kids in Akron have what they need to become their best selves. Opportunities, a support system, and a safety net for kids in poverty or kids in single-parent households shouldn't be limited to those lucky enough to be blessed with athletic talent.

When I entered the league, I founded the LeBron James Family Foundation. I didn't know it at the time, but my mission has become clear. We give kids in Akron the resources and opportunities they need to stay in school and reach their dreams through education.

I don’t want to see any of them fall through the cracks. That easily could have happened to me.

Being solely a baseball fan, I don't focus much on Mr. James. I am happy to hear that he's using fame and fortune in such a positive manner. 

I’m so proud of the more than 1,100 students in my Wheels for Education and Akron I PROMISE Network programs. We’re working on year six now, and my kids have big plans for their futures.

A lot of them didn’t think college was for them, but now I hear they want to become things like doctors and business owners. We even have a future astrophysicist. I can’t wait to see how far these kids can go.

I also tell all my kids how important it is that they give back to the community. Because if basketball has taught me anything, it’s that no one achieves greatness alone. And it takes everyone working together to create real change.

And that leads to:

I support Hillary because she will build on the legacy of my good friend, President Barack Obama. I believe in what President Obama has done for our country and support her commitment to continuing that legacy.

Like my foundation, Hillary has always been a champion for children and their futures. For over 40 years, she’s been working to improve public schools, expand access to health care, support children’s hospitals, and so much more.

Thank you again. Go Cavs!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

I Don't Think Running for Prez was a Good Idea

I hate to say Donald Trump may have made a bad decision, super genius that he is. It seems to me there would have been a lot less digging into his past if he had remained an above below average citizen.

It's Actually Kind of a Grey Sabbath

Anyway. NCPR had a song by these guys, Brownout, doing some Brown Sabbath. Never heard of them, but I'll give them that all-important Hometown USA exposure.

I expect an invite to the Grammys, fellas. 

Sweet Jesus, I Hate Sean Hannity

And I may not be the only one.

It’s amusing to see portions of the conservative world recoil in horror at the behavior of Sean Hannity. The mega-popular Fox News host, one of the biggest stars of the right-wing media, has been absorbing sustained criticism from certain pundits and radio hosts for his overt and unseemly activism on behalf of Republican nominee Donald Trump. Hannity’s critics view Trump (correctly) as a threat to Republican politics, the health of the conservative movement and the country itself, and for Hannity to devote his energies and influence to electing him is, in their view, beyond the pale.

My dream is that no one will employ him after the election except a defeated Trump. And Trump will stiff him like everyone else that ever worked for him. 

We Are Ready for the First Woman President

We are not ready for the first stoner president.

Look dudes, it's Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure. Why, Bill Weld? Why are you with this idiot? I understand why Mike Pence is with his idiot.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

I'm Such a Hypocrite

I dis DD in another post and here I am just linking to a really great article in today's PS.

I suspect they know that, if elected, she’ll be effective in trying to repair and expand Obamacare, not repeal it. She’ll advance women’s rights, push for a compromise resolution to the status of undocumented immigrants now in the United States, boost the federal minimum wage, raise taxes on the highest earners and get center-left justices confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court even if the Democrats don’t retain control of the Senate.

And if so, she’ll be hard to beat in four years.

It’s that, not her wickedness or radicalism, which has them loudly, frantically denying perhaps the truest thing Donald Trump has ever said:

“She’d make a good president.”

Good nihilist that I am, I'm revealing the ending.

I Loved the Next Seven Minutes

Donald Trump cannot be president because he's plainly nuts. Hillary Rodham Clinton cannot be president, even though she is immensely qualified, because Bernie Sanders magically turned her into Emma Goldman and also Benghazi!, BENGHAZI!, BENGHAZI!

Which leaves Colonel McCormick's heirs with the Carmen Sandiego of Weed City. 

In all fairness, Donald Trump may be more sane than Johnson and Stein. 

Since it's youtube Saturday:

Yo tengo sed!

It's All Relative

I don't do this very often anymore. By this, I mean go over to the dark side and check out Professor (yes, really, a doctorate no less) Douglas' piece of crap blog. Using the word nihilist must have been the key that set me off on the journey into oblivion. There's times when I think how useless many of my posts are and then I look at what he puts up.

Link to a "supermodel" in a bikini.

A post about hedge funds shorting Germany's Deutsche Bank. With this sparkling commentary:

This is interesting.

Hedge funds are attacking Deutsche Bank AG, and profiting. 

That's it. The rest is just a big copy and paste of the article. I invest. I don't so shorts of anything. I'd be willing to bet Douglas knows less about shorts than I do. 

Some guy pleading guilty in a celebrity hacking scandal. 

Post on the override of Obama's veto. Here's the commentary followed by a long-ass copy and paste. 

And the vote was 97-1?

Can Obama really be that badly on the wrong side of the issue?

Indeed he can.

Nice use of italics. 

Another Amazon ad. That post is immediately followed by two posts advertising books at Amazon. 

I was really curious to see what he's saying about Trump. Scrolling through a ton of posts that are as substantial as the ones I highlighted, I found this

So, out of 20 or 30 posts, that's what a professor of political science puts up on his blog about the Republican nominee. A link to some other blog that has a video clip of someone called AlfonZo Rachel and his observations. Good Lord! My blog looks like the Algonquin Roundtable next to that.