Monday, October 24, 2016

Plant That Bell and Let It Ring

Don't be trying to get high off it, tho.

Hemp Pilot Program, which allows New York to issue up to 10 permits for growers, two of which were awarded this year.

Technically, hemp and marijuana, which are derived from the same plant, are classified as a schedule 1 drug. But industrial hemp is low in THC, the chemical that gets drug users high.

It's in my neighborhood.

She and others hope will soon grow in the state's Southern Tier, where land once planned for hydrofracking now sits vacant and unused.

No, please. Think of the frackers!

In New York, the first industrial hemp farm — JD Farms, located in Easton, Washington County — has already started growing after the end of a decades long moratorium on the plant.

Don't know what they're growing it there for. I buy hemp seeds at the health food store for my multi grain breads. 

Currently, hemp farmers are required to partner with local universities or colleges to develop an educational use for the plant in conjunction with agriculture departments. JD Farms has paired with hemp researchers at Morrisville State College.

Gonna have to check with Dr. Tim and see if ACC is getting into the action.

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