Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Letters Keep Coming

I'll be so sad when this election is over and I don't have the daily LsTTE to read. Let's start with one of my old favorites, Marjorie Bovee.

I agree with Harrison Francett’s recent letter regarding Ken Tingley’s lack of outrage over Hillary’s continuous lies, past and current email scandals, attorney general and Bill Clinton’s secret plane conversation, the FBI’s coddling and Bill’s sexual actions as president that almost caused his impeachment. No mention of these hardly at all.

It's so sad that Gropegate is so much more titillating than an e-mail scandal. I will point out that Bill Clinton's infidelities were quite well-covered at the time they occurred. Oh God, were they!

Also not mentioned are the adulterous escapades of Democrats Lyndon Johnson and John F. Kennedy. Eisenhower was said to have had a military girlfriend and Ronald Reagan was married more than once. JFK was known to have many women come forward regarding sexual matters while married to Jackie. Even with these sexual accusations, they carried on with the country’s business and made important decisions.   

It's a newspaper, not a history book. BTW, all those guys were able to competently run campaigns while carrying on their dalliances. Trump can't even do that. 

Unfair and lopsided news reporting by anyone suggests dictatorship control of the worst kind and brainwashing of the public to the reporter’s or TV news commentator’s own personal and political party’s agenda. We don’t have to worry about Russia as our minds are already being controlled by the press and mainstream media TV commentators on NBC, CBS, ABC, etc., who bombard our homes and lives with tilted information of their own choosing, not the facts from both sides of the stories. 

Hillary Clinton is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I've ever known in my life. And you shouldn't bring up Russia since they are on the side of your candidate.

A dictator’s first line of control is the news and press, and it looks like the U.S. has been under a dictatorship for the past eight years at least. Do you really want more of the same? Actions speak louder than words (Bill Clinton, JFK, LBJ). America’s only chance for real change is finally here with Donald Trump, and we should not be afraid to give him a chance to make America great again along with us. No amount of Hillary’s lies and corrupt reporting will change my mind.

If I wasn't so amused I'd stick a fork in my eye. Thanks Margie!

A short mention of Mario Hepp because he is one of my old faves. 

Elise Stefanik is a steady breeze in a sea of corruption in New York state and this present scandal ridden administration. This woman has the right qualities to execute her position to its highest level; honesty, integrity and leadership, a quality that most politicians lack here in New York state and certainly within the Obama administration.

That was pretty much it. Points for brevity and the poetry of the steady breeze. Since Stefanik is running for Congress, I'm not sure what she's going to do about corruption in NY, tho. 

As always, the best is last. As the first shall be. I have some concern for the well-being of this man. I've been reading his letters for some time and do have some concern for his mental health. You're up, Stiling Knight

Although you made a mistake when you published your article in which you said “all of us are becoming less human,” at least you edit a paper that is admirably not the case of yellow journalism that is sweeping our country.

OK, I don't know what that means, but it sounds like a compliment. Always say something nice at the start. I try to do that in my letters, too. 

We may have already passed the point of no return by having accepted the Nazi condition ruled by Adolf Hitler. Everyone in the highest level of government was completely afraid of him. A mere glance at a certain person in the room with Hitler would mean that some other person in the room would not exist at some time within the next 24 hours.

Moving on quickly past the niceties. Oh yeah, wtf? I don't think he means that Hitler could kill with a glance. Not positive, tho.

That is what a dictatorship is, and a dictatorship is what I meant when you published my revelation that “Hillary Clinton directed and enforced her views on practically everything President Bill Clinton could say or do during the eight years Bill Clinton was president of the United States.”

So, she was cool with the blowjobs? And are you on the same thing John was on when he had his Revelations? Ergot maybe?

When the American Army closed in on Berlin in World War II on the west and the Russian Army closed in on the east, Hitler said “All is lost” and killed himself and his wife, but his bodyguard overheard Joseph Goebbels and his wife planning to kill their six teenage children. This greatly disturbed the bodyguard, and the Goebbels did kill their six teenage children.

I'm wondering how he knows that the bodyguard was greatly disturbed. Touching, if true. It's hard to get too weepy over the death of Goebbels and family. 

This is characteristic of a dictatorship when it ends. However, if we vote for a dictatorship on Nov. 8, there is no way it will ever end. There will be no armies approaching Washington, D.C.

On the subject of weepy. He seems a little misty that there will be no armies marching on Washington. I see that as a good thing. Also the thought of Democratic presidents from now til the end of time is kinda cool, too. 

If a phalanx of Jewish folks refuses to vote for the presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, they will have, by themselves, saved this country from a dictatorship in our country that will never end.

Yes, I'm sure the Jewish folks will be much better off with a guy endorsed by David Duke. 

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