Saturday, October 1, 2016

It's All Relative

I don't do this very often anymore. By this, I mean go over to the dark side and check out Professor (yes, really, a doctorate no less) Douglas' piece of crap blog. Using the word nihilist must have been the key that set me off on the journey into oblivion. There's times when I think how useless many of my posts are and then I look at what he puts up.

Link to a "supermodel" in a bikini.

A post about hedge funds shorting Germany's Deutsche Bank. With this sparkling commentary:

This is interesting.

Hedge funds are attacking Deutsche Bank AG, and profiting. 

That's it. The rest is just a big copy and paste of the article. I invest. I don't so shorts of anything. I'd be willing to bet Douglas knows less about shorts than I do. 

Some guy pleading guilty in a celebrity hacking scandal. 

Post on the override of Obama's veto. Here's the commentary followed by a long-ass copy and paste. 

And the vote was 97-1?

Can Obama really be that badly on the wrong side of the issue?

Indeed he can.

Nice use of italics. 

Another Amazon ad. That post is immediately followed by two posts advertising books at Amazon. 

I was really curious to see what he's saying about Trump. Scrolling through a ton of posts that are as substantial as the ones I highlighted, I found this

So, out of 20 or 30 posts, that's what a professor of political science puts up on his blog about the Republican nominee. A link to some other blog that has a video clip of someone called AlfonZo Rachel and his observations. Good Lord! My blog looks like the Algonquin Roundtable next to that.


  1. Wow! Your piece of shit blog actually threw me a link! How else would I know that you're still beating off to my blog posts, bwahaha?!!

    Yep, I'm a professor, a great one too, not a stupid baker who takes it up the ass. I know you hate that, but it's true. I'm a smart, hip, and popular professor. And you're nihilist and a loser. Heh.

  2. Still love you, too, Donnie. Thanks for visiting. I should delete your comment, but I'll leave it up as evidence that you're still an asshole. I know this will hurt your delicate ego, but I almost never go to your blog.

  3. Be nice or I'll turn American Nihilist back on.