Thursday, October 27, 2016

Local Hero

Sadly, the city of Albany NY is now going to have to remain under the iron fist of tyranny.

A self-described "resistance fighter" who was reputedly forming a militia in Greene County boasted of his ability to kill dozens of people and attack federal buildings in Albany to combat "tyranny" in the event of Armageddon, court papers revealed Wednesday.

A big thank you to the FBI and the informant who had the courage to get close enough to this nut to make the case. 

The FBI launched the probe after learning Twiss "was forming, or had formed, a militia based in Greene County that had plans to engage in acts of violence," the document said. The FBI used an informant to pose as someone interested in joining Twiss' militia and to record Twiss. The complaint suggested Twiss had been in a prior militia but was miffed at his former militia mates.

Really? Miffed? I don want to thank Robert Twiss. He's my go-to example the next time someone pulls out that stupid "we need guns to defend against tyranny" bullshit. Yes, it's my blog and I don't have to stick in expletive like the TU does. 

That day, Twiss said he could "can get guns all day long" and was a "resistance fighter." If an Armageddon situation were to happen, he would go into the city of Albany and "take up arms" against the "tyranny," the complaint said.

While we're in Albany's finest newspaper, here's an op piece by Jeffrey Swanson. 

I am worried about seriously angry people coming to polling places on Nov. 8 carrying handguns.

As an academic who studies gun violence from a public health perspective, I rely on scientific data to characterize risk. Last year, my colleagues and I published a research study which found that 1.5 percent of adult Americans had impulsive angry behavior traits and carried guns with them in public.

Thank God I live in NY and Robert Twiss is now behind bars. 

I am not very troubled by a gun as a cultural symbol. I am concerned about a gun as a highly efficient killing device in the wrong hands. A small percentage of gun-carrying voters this Nov. 8 — about 3 out of every 200, in polling places that allow guns — will be dangerously angry people who cannot control their tempers. Some of them will have been marinating in Trump's message of fear and loathing of outsiders. They will have heard him say that the "Second Amendment people" may need to do something if Clinton wins. In a crowded queue they will rub shoulders — and maybe elbows — with neighbors waiting in the same lines who vehemently reject everything Trump says and stands for.

Guns need not be a part of a moment like that.

One of my chores online today was to look up this letter. It fits here, so what the hell. It's a Kev's Klassic from Dec 2015:

In response to Scott Graves from El Paso, I'd like to say that your love for the Adirondacks must be very shallow if being required to pay a bit in taxes and follow some restrictions on your guns keeps you from living here. If you're retired, it doesn't even seem that your income tax bill would be that high. I know there are people here who own guns and hunt. Don't believe they use AR-15s, though. Unlike Texans, New Yorkers don't make a practice of going, en masse, into restaurants bearing assault rifles. We don't have that level of insecurity.

Of course, recently a lot of folks in Texas were convinced that they were going to be invaded by the U.S. military. No, I don't get it either, but that's what they thought. So, they may have anxiety problems that are only relieved by their guns. And you know what; Gov. Abbott, Sen. Cruz and other Texas politicians did nothing to dissuade their citizenry of that notion. The governor even sent out the National Guard to keep an eye on the federal troops.

The same Texas government fought the Affordable Care Act fervently while New York was working with the federal government to implement it here. The difference shows now too. So, I'll take the "overbearing" government that works to ensure its citizens have health insurance over the one that doesn't, and is willing to allow its people to believe conspiracy theories. I'm retired, as well. I do love New York, and I'm willing to pay taxes in order to live in a sane and civilized society.

Graves' letter:

Yet another decade passes and still I hesitate moving back to my beloved southern Adirondacks. Why? I'm retired now so I certainly could go. The problems lie in the overbearing control that the state government exerts on its citizens. Your taxes are astronomical. Texas has no income tax. Your gun laws are horrifying. I buy and keep as many guns as I want in Texas including the dreaded AR-15. My Adirondacks will remain a distant memory and Texas my adopted home.

Oh how I miss thee, my beloved Adirondacks. Not enough to give up a few insignificant gun rights, tho. What a shallow love that must be. 

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