Monday, October 3, 2016

Food Waste Recycling in Bethlehem

Continuing with positive posts and pure Trump-avoidance is this story in the TU today.

The Capital Region has several community-based food scrap recycling programs and a couple of municipal programs. Watervliet picks up food scraps from about 100 households. Bethlehem is rolling out a pilot program that will allow residents to drop off food waste at collection sites around town.

It's terrible to see that not only is there so much food waste, but what there is makes up the largest portion of our solid waste. Here's the link to Bethlehem's web page on the program. I compost everything possible already. It's something that might be a good idea for communities in Washington County, though.

This seems like a good spot for pics of my cold frames that I got into the ground today. Started some cabbage seeds, too. They're a short season, only 60 days. I'll probably be almost out of sauerkraut by then. 

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