Thursday, October 6, 2016

First Recorded Use of the Term Greensplaining

Yet to be recognized by spell check. This is a draft of a letter to the Post Star. Unfortunately, I'm out of letters until September 15. Two per 30 days is the limit and I've been prolific lately.

     I’d like to comment on Matt Funiciello’s latest attempt to extort Democrats into not running a candidate for Congress. Now or ever. “I’m intending to, whether I win or not on election night, announce on election night, that it is time for the Democrats to stop running.” He’s been announcing that since 2014. It’s pretty moldy. “I think what’s going to happen is I’m going to beat the Democrat in this election cycle.” Yeah, okay. As flawed a candidate as Aaron Woolf was; he beat Mr. Funiciello by 200 votes in Warren County, won Essex and Clinton Counties outright and received three times the number of votes overall. “In the next race hopefully Democrats will say, you know what, let’s let Funiciello have a shot at this. Let’s let Greens have a shot at it.” Keep hoping. If no one else runs, I will. And I’ve been living in the district for 59 years and was a Democrat out of the womb, raised on tales of FDR.
     Far be it from me to discount the amusement value of the ads the Stefanik campaign would run in a one on one race. I can see some of his Greensplaining, from the recent debate, to the folks in the Adirondacks in a TV spot. He’d be as popular as the APA upstate. And then there are some of his other interesting ideas.

     If he wants to be the Lyndon LaRouche of New York’s 21st district, he has every right to. I hope Democrats who aren’t saying “let’s let Funiciello have a shot at this” will join me in making sure he gets less than the ten percent he got last time, though. And even less in 2018 than this November. And on and on steadily until he evaporates

 Here's an oldie with MF suggesting, at about 3;30, that he should have veto power over the 2016 Democratic candidate. 

And if you watch all of it you'll see that despite the title, "Funiciello concession," it's very light on any conceding. 

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