Saturday, October 8, 2016

Good Night, Republican Party

Just want to post a link to this story first. The trouble with Trump is that there is so much going wrong you have to have peripheral vision extending to the back of your head to take it all in. If you're not full up with the main course that was the leaked video, have some dessert.

BTW, what other October surprises will there be? No October surprise in this one, though. This is just Trump being Trump.

The federal government is allowing illegal immigrants to flow into the U.S. so they can vote, Donald Trump alleged without evidence Friday, fueling his own argument that November’s presidential election will be rigged against him.

Yes, normally there would be enough crazy in that to sink a candidate. Not this year, though. Didn't want to let it pass anyway. Because of the leaked tape those illegal immigrants are going to be able to pour into the country and stuff the ballot boxes for Democrats. Good work by Obama's minions in the Under-handed Plots Department. 

And just to put up a happy story, and since I stole the post title from it, here's Richard Wolffe. 

It’s going to get worse for Donald Trump and his Republican party. Much worse.

Normal candidates might have realized they were bumping along the bottom of their election – if not, their life – when video emerged of them bragging, as a newlywed, about forcing themselves on women, genitals and all.

But not the man who promises to make America great again. No, Donald Trump’sso-called apology video was even more incompetent and incoherent than the rest of his campaign to date. And that’s quite an achievement for a man who has attacked a grieving, Gold Star family.

Go. Read the rest. You know you want to. 

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