Friday, October 14, 2016

Final Draft

     Reading Matt Funiciello's political strategy reminded me of that old saying: Quitters never win; they just stay in the race to trip another runner. "If I come in second, it's an amazing forward movement." Aaron Woolf's candidacy was flawed, which I don't believe was totally his fault. Nevertheless, he won Clinton and Essex Counties outright, beat Funiciello by 200 votes in Warren County and had over three times the number of votes overall. Is Mike Derrick such an inferior candidate that the outcome is going to be reversed? And are the local newspapers going to back someone whose goal is to finish second? I'm totally cool with him being endorsed to place.
     Over the next few years, Congresswoman Stefanik will have the chance to vote on many pieces of legislation. Derrick's votes on climate change, funding Planned Parenthood, funding the CDC to study firearm deaths, Paul Ryan's attempts to make Trump richer, etc. would not be the same as hers. If she was re-elected. Presumably Funiciello would vote in a similar fashion as Derrick. But, he's admitted he can't win. Mike hasn't quit and actually has a chance of winning. Maybe getting better all the time.

     Let's elect Mike Derrick so Funiciello can spend his time calling on Republicans not to run anyone in 2018. I know, as a Democrat, I've grown tired of hearing it about our candidates for the past two and a half years. And fellow Democrats, remember; this November you have the chance to not only vote against Donald Trump, but also Matt Funiciello. Live green, vote blue!


  1. "Live green, vote blue!"

    That is so worth stealing. Thank in advance!

  2. Your welcome. I purloined it myself. I have it on a bumpersticker.