Sunday, October 30, 2016

Happy Sunday Endorsement

From the Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

We have met with Mr. Derrick more than once and found him willing to answer any question we threw at him. He seems like a good listener, and it seems his stated goal to continue a life of public service is genuine. He is not as jovial as Bill Owens or John McHugh, but he is solid and thoughtful, and does not seem as guarded as Rep. Stefanik.

He also pledges to stand up against those who pollute the Adirondacks.

We hope he wouldn't buy too much into the expended-government solutions the national Democrats are pushing, but that was also our worry with Bill Owens, and he managed to be pretty reasonable and bipartisan. Mr. Derrick, a former Republican, seems familiar in that way.

In the moderate spirit of Mr. Owens and Mr. McHugh, we think he would represent our area pretty well in the House.

I don't believe Mike Derrick can overcome the power of Elise Stefanik's incumbency, but I can dream. Can Trump the Destroyer take her out? Stay tuned. Happy to see they've come around on Matt Funiciello whom they endorsed last time. 

If the Matt Funiciello of 2014 were to run this year, we might endorse him again, but he has changed quite a bit. Debates showed that he has become much more combative in style and radical in policies than he was two years ago. We can't go there with him.

For instance, now he's pushing to eliminate all meat and dairy farms, taking the fight against climate change down a lonely road that only the most extreme environmentalists can follow. And then he says he won't help get federal funding to expand broadband internet because he wants the Adirondack Park to be marketed as a place to get away from the modern world.

He's all that and more. Even if Derrick doesn't pull off the upset I'd be somewhat mollified if MF gets under 6%.

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