Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Elections Are Rigged Because Trump Sez So

And the liberal media doesn't. Nice column in the PS this morning.

Donald Trump backer in North Carolina who believes climate change is a hoax, drug cartels control the government and, because it has just popped up as a headline on his so-called smartphone, that Obama has announced plans to seek a third presidential term.

The Trump backer, Allan Thiel, complains that “people aren’t being taught history anymore” and “they’ve dumbed everybody down.” As if to prove the point, he elaborates, “Our country has never had any problems for the last 200 years. We’ve never had a problem with guns or racism until the last eight years.”

At the risk of appearing "dumbed down," I do believe there is such a thing as reality. 

That a “reality” is shared does not make it real. Separating fact from fiction can actually be done.

I'm happy to read that Lueders agrees with me. 

We needn’t belabor the point that rigging a national election is logistically impossible, as officials of both parties have stressed. It would require thousands of people conspiring to subvert American democracy while somehow concealing their historic crime. Considering that the Clinton campaign can’t even keep its emails private, that’s a too-heavy lift.

Yeah, that's the problem with conspiracy theories: all those people you have to "silence" to make them work. 

Charlie Sykes, a conservative radio host in Wisconsin and MSNBC contributor, has been eloquent in lamenting how, through decades of “demonizing the liberal mainstream media,” commentators including himself have “destroyed the credibility of any credible (media) outlet.” Says he, “We’ve basically eliminated any of the referees, the gatekeepers.”

Sure, now he notices. BTW, Sykes is obviously a RINO if he appears on MSNBC so you can't trust anything he says anyway. 

Getting back to the rigged election, here's Rex Smith from the TU. 

Rigging a presidential election is impossible in America. Don't take my word for it (what, you don't trust the media?) — just ask any local election official. They're the experts, you know, because it's our neighbors who run elections in this country, not some big federal agency.

The notion that you could get thousands of county elections clerks, from Albany to Anchorage, to conspire to commit criminal fraud would be laughable if it weren't so offensive.

Imagine how many poll workers would have to agree to look the other way and allow tens of millions of people to vote more than once. Consider the fact that they would have to come from both parties, because each side has its own poll officials and watchers.

As someone who works as an election inspector, it's my sad duty to report that what he says is true. I work with two Republicans who will not allow me to rig the vote in Fort Edward in order to throw the election to Hillary. What's this country coming to?

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