Wednesday, October 19, 2016



  1. The only way Trump will accept the will of the people is if he wins.

    He's toast.

    Oh happy day!

  2. Obama and Trump make such an immense contrast in leadership qualities and basic maturity that it is almost hard to credit the idea that they belong to the same species. Trump belongs in a zoo; literal screeching and feces-flinging would be a step up from his current self-expression.

  3. Trump came out today and said he would accept the results. How big of him. Here's the Republican sacrificial victim in the NY Senate race:

    Defenders were hard to find. Republican Wendy Long, who is an extreme longshot running against Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York, said by email Thursday that she agrees with Trump's contention that vote fraud could compromise the election. Long said she would defer judgment on whether she would accept the results of the election.

    Say the system is fraudulent? Might as well. She can at least lock up the upstate wingnut vote.