Friday, October 21, 2016

It's a Beautiful Day in the LTTE

It is when one of the original humorless harpies of hate makes an appearance. Thank you Judy Thomas for brightening up a gray Friday.

He said, she said. Well, I don’t care what someone said a decade or more ago about anything or anyone. We all have our own regrets. Makes no difference if you’re president or ditch digger! I care about how the job gets done. Being POTUS is the most important job in the world! It affects all of us.

I'm thinking probably unless it's Bill or Hillary Clinton, but sadly she doesn't go there.

I know Trump isn’t perfect. His mouth gets him into trouble. Mostly with people so weak their skin is thinned to the point of real reason. And I like that he says just what he thinks. Boo hoo, “sticks and stones” remember that saying?

I do remember the sticks and stones thing. That part about people with skin thinned to the point of real reason is throwing me, tho.

But at least he’s not so power hungry that he’d eat his own young as I ponder the one child the power queen had. This ol’ gal has committed crooked land deals to treason and gotten away with murder! Literally! 

Please let Vince Foster rest in peace. I'd heard a lot of slanders against HRC. This is the first allegation of cannibalism, tho. I don't get out enough.

She used our state to be senator for a stepping stone to this point only. Her “home state” Arkansas wouldn’t allow her that! Those folks knew what she was back then!

Not to pick nits, but I believe her "home state" would be Illinois same as Obama and Lincoln. Hmmm, there must be a conspiracy theory in that somewhere. As to her Senate career in New York, she won in 2000 with 55% and in 2006 with 67%. At that rate, she was only a few terms away from 100%.

When you vote in a few weeks you need only ask yourself a few questions, and ponder a few thoughts, with common sense answers! 

Judy, I think your common sense done got up and gone. On to the quiz!

How many freedoms have you lost? 


Who do you trust not to lie, deceive or be corrupt? 

The Nasty Woman. Hillary!!!!!!!!

Do you want a president who owes no one but you, or a tyrannical queen who is already bought and paid for by special interests?

I think this question is rigged and I refuse to accept the results.

Do you want the Constitution intact with the Second Amendment or ripped apart as promised by Hillary the horrible?

I didn't realize she had promised to rip up the second amendment. Oh well, one more reason to vote for her. Also, I thought she was married to Bill, not Hagar. 

Do you want to keep the items this amendment allows you?

Since I'm not a gun fetishist, I'm not worried. Strike that, I'm not worried anyway because I know how our fuckin' government works.

As for Trump’s women, immigrant, etc. comments? I think he’s just like you! And that’s what bothers those of you who are uncomfortable. Not with him, yourself!

No, Donald Trump and I are not just alike. You and Donald Trump may be alike, tho. I believe Judy is entirely missing what bothers us about Trump.

President or dictatress? Your choice!

And another false choice it is.

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