Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Essential Uncommon Sense

Since the show has ended because Matt is going to be elected to Congress, I thought I'd take that as an opportunity to present the best of Uncommon Sense.

The 9/11 show has to come at the top. That link goes to the podcast of the show with Tony Cerro. And this was my post at the time.

This show was a strong second. This was the show where he accused the Board of Elections of Washington County NY of conspiring against any party that's not represented by a donkey or an elephant. It also, to my mind, raised the question of where he voted in November of 2014. Since he states on the show that he moved to Hudson Falls in May of that year. My post at the time.

Those shows were sins of commission; the following, of omission. The first  is the show that followed the day after the shooting in Charleston. He talked, that day, with two of his Green Party disciples. He asked them both for issues that come to mind that need to be addressed. Delbert mentioned oil trains. I can get behind that since I live relatively close to where they pass in Fort Edward. His second, however, was voter apathy at 37 minutes in. Valerie mentions grassroots democracy for her second concern. With 9 black people shot to death by a racist the evening before in Charleston, I can't give him a pass for voter apathy or her for grassroots democracy. Firearm deaths didn't cross your minds?

The second omission broadcast was the show that followed the day after the shooting in San Bernardino. I did mention it briefly in this post. So, I'll just repeat myself.

Same thing yesterday, the day after the San Bernardino shooting. Does the Green Party have no position on guns or is it too embarrassing to talk about?

Instead of talking about that, he yammers on about being a vegan. Kudos for that, but patting yourself on the back for not eating meat really doesn't do any substantial good.

Go to the link. Listen to the podcast in both these cases. The Charleston shooting was on June 17, 2015. The first show I mention was on June 18, 2015. The San Bernardino shooting was on December 2, 2015. The show was on December 3, 2015. 

I realize that the gun soapbox is the one that I obsessively climb onto. But "What The Fuck!" Listen to either of those and tell me you couldn't have at least fit some discussion of guns into the show, particularly if you were intending to run for Congress as a Green candidate.  

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