Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Green Gala Coming Right Here to Hometown USA

First my comment before I forget that it's on my clipboard. Yes, I forget is a good spot for a link.

Funiciello garnered more than 10 percent of the vote (more than 19,000 votes), as Republican Elise Stefanik won with 53.1 percent and the Democrat Woolf got 32.4 percent.

I'd like to point out that Funiciello got 10.9% of the vote, since you gave Woolf's and Stefanik's to the tenth of a per cent.

I'd also like to thank Bernie Sanders for running as a member of the corporate war party.

I left a long and beautiful comment yesterday and those bastards at the corporate-owned Post Star didn't see fit to put it up. So, let's get some quotes from Matt.
 “The best way to describe it is heartening,” Funiciello said. “People are starting to understand Greens are a serious political party.” 

My comment yesterday put the lie to that. Fuckin' politely, too. I'm going to have to start doing the Repsac What'd I Say thing with the Post Star. They've quashed a few of my comments and I'm always fuckin' decorous. Maybe they don't like words like decorous.

Funiciello said Sanders’ presidential candidacy has helped get out an anti-establishment message domestically, but he said he was still critical of Sanders running as a Democrat. He said people with similar ideologies to the Green Party are now investing in Sanders’ Democratic campaign instead.

And good for them. 

“He would have been an amazing voice for third-party candidates,” Funiciello said.

And he would have lost and maybe put Drumpf or the Canadian in the White House you fuckin' loony tune motherfucker. BTW, my comment at the PS did not include all the f-bombs. Matt does bring that out, tho.

“Greens are now starting to reap the benefit of Ralph Nader having run 15 years ago, presenting real choice.” Funiciello said. “You don’t have to vote between lesser evils.”

I did point out in my first comment that there have been third parties for a long time. Gus Hall ran for president 4 times and Lyndon LaRouche ran more times than can be counted on both hands. What I didn't mention in my comment due to my concern for decorum was that MF and LaRouche would likely have a lot in common, what with both of them being loony tune conspiracy theorists. Courteous to a fault, I am. 

“I have a feeling that a lot more people are going to come our way this election cycle,” he added. “I’m really excited about it.”

So, you're expecting a higher none of the above vote. I'm actually not. 

“Most Americans have no relation to (the) stock market other than (their) retirement portfolio. That’s not the economy,” Funiciello said. “The economy for us is how much a dozen eggs cost. How much a gallon of gas costs.”

The stock market affects the investment portfolios of many who are retired or hope to retire some day. So, let's not totally pooh pooh it. 

No, W Tucker, I do not. But I do pay considerably more than other food businesses in our area and far more than I can afford. Most of us also lack health insurance. As do I. This is what happens when costs and profits are mandated by the representatives of your two corporate war parties. You keep voting for them and pretending that I am a hypocrite. That's worked pretty well so far, huh? Good strategy. As for support, I'd say you're missing the boat. I've got tons of support but its mostly from working people and people who are very well-informed. I can only assume that you are pretty out of touch with both groups.

I believe he uses the same brand of people repellent that Ted Cruz applies. He's so sweet and cuddly. Also love the "I've got tons of support..." It sounds so Trumpian.

My new campaign slogan for Matt is:

Vote Local and Loco,
Vote Funiciello


A Noun, A Verb and Corporate War Party

They may need some work. 

I totally blame the Rude Pundit for the tone of this post. The man is a bad influence and I refuse to accept personal responsibility.

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