Friday, March 18, 2016

I'm Open to Investment Advice if Trump Becomes President

Unfortunately this article does not include any. Here's the bad news:

A leading global forecasting service has just ranked a Donald Trump presidency at No. 6 on a list of major threats to the global economy, somewhere between the utter collapse of the Chinese market and a new cold war between Russia and the West.

And the good:

That said, these same experts do not expect Mr. Trump to win the nation's highest office.

Thank God for that. Here's a good post by Rude Pundit to make you feel better about everything. It could be worse, you could be a Republican. 

It's laughable that a group of psychopaths believes that the psychopath who likes to disembowel his prey and dance with the innards is just a little too crazy to support.

Oh, dear, sweet, dumb Republicans, you own Trump. He is your deformed, conjoined twin who has pulled away from your side, leaving you bleeding to death as you wonder what you can do to ever be whole again.

trump cat swallows gop elephant toles
Hat tip to Balloon Juice.

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