Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thanks Carrie Woerner

I'm not sure if Assemblywoman Woerner has been reading my blog. Pretty much assume no. But, if you are Carrie, don't be a lurker. Say hi! Anyway, she has put forth a proposal to raise the minimum wage, but to raise it by varying amounts based on regional cost of living. I just searched and can not find where I wrote about that. So, it may have just been something that stayed at the level of idle rumination. It's so nice to have someone representing me that actually does have common sense.

Speaking of which, the once and future Green candidate did not show up at the PS comment threads to give his take on it. Quel dommage!

If you’ve ever spent a day or two in New York City, you know how illogical it is to imagine you could live there on the same salary that could support you in northern New York or western New York or anywhere else in New York.

It can take a good chunk of a day’s salary just to get from one side of the city to the other. Renting a closet-sized apartment can cost you half a month’s salary or more.

So setting the minimum wage at the same level for New York City and other regions of the state, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to do — at $15 an hour, eventually — makes no sense.

Thanks for the Common Sense proposal, Carrie. And if you took some wind out of Funiciello's sails, I and Mike Derrick, thank you. Who knows? Maybe she plays 3-dimensional chess as well as Grandmaster of the game, Barrack Obama. 

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