Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Update on Carrie's Minimum Wage Proposal

I hadn't heard that Oregon was doing something similar to what Carrie Woerner is proposing. Today's CSM had an article that alerted me to that. Here is another article from The Atlantic on that.

In and around Portland, the state’s biggest city, the increase will be the largest: The minimum wage will rise there to $14.75 in 2022. Outside of Portland, the minimum hourly wage in mid-sized counties will go up to $13.50 over the next six years, and more rural areas will see theirs increase to $12.50.

That piece was prior to the governor's signature here is an article in the Guardian indicating that she has signed it. 

Oregon’s governor on Wednesday signed trailblazing legislation that will raise the minimum wage to nearly $15 in six years, and do so through a three-tiered system that has not been tried anywhere else in the country.

“I’m proud to sign into law my top priority of the 2016 Legislative session – raising the minimum wage,” Governor Kate Brown said in a statement. She said the new law “is a path forward – so working families can catch up, and businesses have time to plan for the increase”.

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