Wednesday, March 30, 2016

No Guns at the Convention is Probably a Good Idea

Things might get a little messy even without them. The Trump rallies have just been the opening act.

Political observers have wondered for months whether Donald Trump’s unconventional, “political outsider” campaign would put him at a disadvantage if the Republican presidential race were to come down to the wire. Now, a fight stemming from the complicated process of selecting convention delegates suggests it has.

July 18th to the 21st. Put that on your calendars and don't you dare miss it.

And from the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke and Duck:

The Mississippi Church Protection Act, which expands gun rights inside and outside state sanctuaries, passed the state Senate, 36 to 14, on Tuesday. It will now return to the House, whose approval would poise Mississippi to become the ninth state where a permit is not required for concealed carry firearms.

Aside from the gunnuttery, the name of the act is some Orwellian bullshit as well. 

Critics also say that its name, the Church Protection Act, distracts from other gun rights it would expand, such as the right to carry a holstered, concealed gun without a permit. 

Some folks are in a hurry to get to Heaven. 

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