Friday, March 25, 2016

Triple H's For Trump

A couple of fine letters from Humorless Harpies of Hate For Trump today in the local fishwrap. Sorry, Ken Tingley. You know I love you and the Post Star. Don't be humorless. First up, Judy Thomas, who I do believe has been featured at Hometown previously and who buys exclamation points by the gross. (Update: Yes, she does have a previous appearance. One more for a free eggroll.)

I have never heard of any person seeking election being sought to be stopped as Donald Trump, and by his own party as well as Democrats. I have seen our government becoming more socialist in the past few decades, certainly run by a dictator in the past seven years.

I have to question how hard she actually looked. Then, I'm not a historian either. I would suggest that if she truly believes the last 7 years have resembled a dictatorship she should take a look at actual dictatorships. 

Only one person can save our democracy, Donald Trump! He is committed to no one but the American people!

He may be a billionaire. No, really, I mean he may be. Whatever he is though, he's "jes' folks."

No one could ever reach the success this man has by being a “loose cannon.” He’ll surround himself with the best advisers in the country, just as he has in business. 

Sure he will. 

If enough people are tired of being oppressed and find their spine, we will live in a democracy again. If not, hello tyranny!

It's a little known fact that the first cut of Sounds Of Silence went, "Hello Tyranny my old friend, I'm come to speak with you again." It would have been so much better that way. 

We’ll no longer have a president, we’ll have a queen. No one has any chance of stopping Hillary the horrible but Trump! Wake up! She has bought enough people, including some Republicans, to get her propaganda spread like an epidemic!

Shouty, isn't she? So now I'm picturing Hillary with that Hagar viking helmet. It's gonna be a long election season. 

What have you got for us, Karen Dewey?

I have reluctantly become a 'Donald Trump for president' indoctrinee. I know he’s a wild card, a big gamble, a loose cannon, but maybe, just maybe if his promises are sincere, and I think they are, he’s the cure for the Washington, D.C., quagmire. He’s going to need his hard edges smoothed over and a whole lot of expert advice when he wins the presidency.

Well, she and Judy agree that Trump is going to need advisers. Maybe he can get Dick Cheney to take time off from waterboarding kitties and puppies and mentor another blank slate. There does seem to be some contention as to whether Herr Donald is actually a loose cannon or not, though. Get together and iron that out, would you. 

Now the Democrats — Bernie Sanders, a socialist really, and four more years of the same with Hillary? Our country wouldn’t survive. I would love to see Trump shake up Washington, D.C.’s bureaucracy (set of officials following inflexible routine).

At least she's not saying it's been a dictatorship the last 7 years. I really love the inclusion of the definition for bureaucracy. That's so thoughtful that I almost feel bad calling her a humorless harpy of hate. There is some stuff about how the state of Utah pays Orrin Hatch's tailor, but I'll skip that. 

We gave an actor a chance with Ronald Reagan and we won. Let’s try an unpolished businessman and let some fresh air in.

Roll the dice, Sheeple!

Pearls Before Swine

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