Saturday, March 19, 2016

It's Not the Tangible That's Important

I really just want to link to this commentary at CSM. I do think that materialism (and lack of spiritualism) is the biggest problem in the world. You can take whatever will get you through the night or whatever path you want to the mountaintop. Any spiritual practice or religion, practiced with compassion and faith, is the Way.

The true nature of man is wholly good, the very likeness of Spirit, of the one God who is Love.

I may be a Pollyanna, but I choose to believe that. 

To focus less on physical personality day by day, and more on man’s timeless, God-derived individuality, can play a modest but significant role in helping to lift off humanity the impositions of materialism that undermine people’s well-being. The deeply felt desire to look beyond the material and to nurture within ourselves our God-given spirituality is a key to increasing freedom and happiness.

Seeing and appreciating your own half-full glass is better than coveting the half-full glass of your neighbor.

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