Saturday, March 26, 2016

Chicks Don't Dig Him, Daddy-O

God knows I try not to put up posts on Trump, but what can you do. It's like the moth and the flame. I know it will lead to eternal damnation or at least a quick immolation. So, I'm an old, white dude, if I haven't mentioned that before. And I don't dig Donald Trump. Apparently, the fairer sex, likely of all ages is not grooving on him either. No, I'm not jiving you. Just got my hipster doofus dictionary!

For instance, in a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, 47 percent of Republican female voters agreed that they “could not imagine themselves voting for Trump.” In other words, almost half the women in Trump’s own party don’t like him. A lot.

Among women as a whole, his numbers are worse. Seventy-five percent of female voters now have an unfavorable view of Trump, according to a recent Washington Post/ABC News poll. That’s up from 64 percent in November.

So, Judy and Karen, you ladies are in some select company. Congrats!

Rather than waste another post, I'll just tack this rumination on here. Something I've been thinking about is this idea that the supporters of Herr Drumpf do so because they have been so under-served by other Republican pols who promise so much more than they could ever deliver. A case in point would be my own representative, Elise Stefanik, who ran on a promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. In fairness to her, no I don't know why, she is not the only one. And that's the point of Trump. So, after conducting a lengthy internet search of 30 seconds or so, I arrived at this article in the WashPo. 

Most presidential candidates are careful to not promise too much on the campaign trail. That’s not at all the case for Republican front-runner Donald Trump. Listed below are 76 things that Trump has said he would do if elected, or has predicted would occur as a result of his election. 

Yes, they have compiled 76 promises he has made. No, I'm not going to copy and paste them all here. Go. Read. Enjoy. Don't be a lurker. Tell me how many you think he is going to fulfill. 

Oh, for the record, here's another lady who is not so into The Drumpf.

As long as I'm just tacking shit on here. This is a link courtesy of Ducky at Shaw's place. Thanks Ducky, if you had a blog I'd give it a big hat tip.


SUMMARY: In July of 2016, the GOP will host its convention at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. Though Ohio is an open carry state, which allows for the open carry of guns, the hosting venue—the Quicken Loans Arena—strictly forbids the carry of firearms on their premises.

I'd sign it, but it would make me feel all icky. 

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