Saturday, January 2, 2016

Who Do You Root For?

It's Trump against the Union Leader. Is there a way they can both lose?

On Monday, the Union Leader — which has endorsed Chris Christie in the primary — published a front-page editorial written by its publisher, Joseph McQuaid, in which he criticized Trump for some of his rhetorical excesses and compared him to Biff from “Back to the Future,” a stereotypical bully. 

And here's Trump on McQuaid:

“I’ve watched this guy and, honestly, he’s a loser,” Trump said.

He really needs a thesaurus. Stock up on popcorn for when this starts to happen.

New Hampshire is absolutely critical to Trump’s campaign. Even if his support is not as fragile as many people have assumed, there is one thing that could crack it. It’s not his voters realizing that Trump isn’t a reliable conservative, or that he understands nothing about policy, or that he’s a jerk. The one thing that could really hurt Trump is if people start to see him as a loser. 

You think he's unhinged now?

It’s hard to overestimate just how central the idea that Trump is a winner is to his candidacy. (It’s also quite obviously central to his own self-image and psychology, which is part of why he’s constantly accusing people he doesn’t like of being losers.)

Where does he go from there if he loses badly in this campaign? He's gonna have that big "L" on his forehead forever, the biggest of 2016 losers.  

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