Saturday, January 9, 2016

Thank You Texans

I've been remiss in extending my thanks to the people of Texas for so enthusiastically agreeing to take part in the experiment involving total firearm insanity. How total? Here's the Texas AG:

The attorney general of Texas said late Monday that banning guns in college dorm rooms violates the state's newly approved "campus carry" law,...

"If a public institution of higher education placed a prohibition on handguns in the institution's campus residential facilities, it would effectively prohibit license holders in those facilities from carrying concealed handguns on campus, in violation of the express terms of Senate Bill 11,"

Sure it may sound crazy to you, Don't worry though. It's not open carry, it's concealed carry.

“When people hear campus carry, they’re like ‘Oh my gosh, guns are going to  be all over campus’ but it’s really not going to  be that way,” Christopher Lee says. He’s student body vice president at UNT in Denton. “Students aren’t just going to be walking around with guns on their hips.”  

Oh my gosh indeed.

Only those 21 years and older can get a license.

Thank God for that anyway. In fairness:

The UNT task force studied Colorado, the state with the most years of campus carry law – 12. There had been few campus gun incidents there.

I'll be thankful to be watching from the relative safety of upstate NY.

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