Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sarah Palin Standing Up for Battered Women and Victims of PTSD

No, I'm kidding.

How else can you reconcile her decision at Wednesday’s rally to take her son’s recent arrest on domestic violence charges and blame it, effectively, on Obama. She cited her son’s post-traumatic stress disorder from military service — no small matter, of course — and then implied that Obama’s handling of America’s veterans and the way they are cared for led her son to, according to a police report, punch his girlfriend in the face, kick her in the knee and threaten suicide with an AR-15 rifle.

She made no comment about the woman, who police say hid under a bed in the Palin home crying. She made no reference to the many soldiers who suffer PTSD and don’t commit violent assaults. She made no reference to the fact that, despite this country’s pitiful treatment of veterans and their mental health, she is a millionaire entertainer who could undoubtedly afford to get her son the best treatment available.

Mother of the year. Forever.

Here's a nice editorial by Brandon Friedman that discusses Palin's comments.

The suffering is primarily internal. This is why veterans who live with PTSD are far more likely to harm themselves than they are to hurt others.


  1. The only people who think what Palin says is important enough to print is media looking for readers/viewers and liberals looking for another Republican to make fun of. A waste of time since SHE DOES NOT MATTER AT ALL>

  2. Palin blames President Obama for her drunken son's battering of his girlfriend, and she slams Obama for not respecting the military.

    She must have missed the video of the man she endorsed mocking John McCain for being captured. Trump likes people who aren't captured and mocked John McCain, saying he's a hero only because he was captured.

    Is there anything more disrespectful than that? No. But the Tea Party assholes can't figure it out for themselves.

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  4. I do try not to post much on what Palin says. It's like posting on what Coulter or Savage or Donald Douglas say. Finally got over that.