Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Random Gun Violence Post

Went to the Gun Violence Archive and looked at the last 72 hours. Since I'm interested in the Texas Experiment, I happened to click on this.

Someone tried to take the money from Oliver without exiting the vehicle.

However, Oliver, who was armed, pulled his weapon, and that's when people inside the car also pulled a gun and Oliver was shot, according to HPD. 

This was in Houston and he was making the money drop for McDonald's. Just give them the money! If he hadn't been armed he would likely still be alive. Is it reasonable to think the guy is going to take the money and then just shoot him for no reason.

And here's two recent cases where fear-mongering has left people less safe in their homes, or at least left their children less safe. In Florida, a woman shoots her daughter.

A Florida woman who fatally shot her daughter mistakenly thought the 27-year-old was a home intruder, authorities say.

The sleeping woman woke up when she heard a noise and saw a figure coming toward her late Tuesday night, said Sgt. Denise Roberts, of the St. Cloud Police Department. The figure was approaching quickly, Roberts said, and didn’t say anything.

“The homeowner fired one round at the subject,” a news release on the shooting states. “The subject was later identified as the homeowner’s daughter.”

In Cincinnati, a father shoots his son. 

A Cincinnati father accidentally shot and killed his 14-year-old son after he investigated what he thought was a burglary in his home Tuesday, police said.

Stop telling people they are unsafe in their own homes.

Link to Leonard Pitts piece at the Post Star. 

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