Thursday, January 21, 2016

Area Miscreants

This is from the department of arming up makes you safer in your castle.

A New York City man who was arrested last week for a December knifepoint home invasion at a Glens Falls home has been charged with selling cocaine.

Coke dealer? Home invasion? Maybe the gun fetishists have a point about being armed.

 No injuries were reported, and police said the incident appeared drug-related.

Then again, maybe not. Maybe not being a competing drug dealer or someone who stiffed a drug dealer or whatever the whole story here is, is a good way to not have a nut with a gun break into your house.

BTW, I'd like to once again thank the governor for the SAFE Act. If this was Texas, both of these ne'er-do-wells would likely have had guns. Thanks Andrew! 

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