Saturday, January 23, 2016

Palin Gives Christine Flowers a Sad

I'll just link to the piece at the Post Star. I wasn't that familiar with her, but looking at some of her work online gives me a good idea where she's coming from. Way out in right field.

But now, with her embrace of a man who ridiculed the POW who made her possible, I’m forced to question my judgment, and her motives. And that makes me sad beyond belief. 

Strangely enough, her sadness makes me happy. What a bastard I am. When I'm happy I write to the editor, though.

     I'd like to thank the Post Star for running the commentary by Christine Flowers. Also big thanks to the German people for the word schadenfreude. Finding it hard to conceive of someone who passed the bar believing in Sarah Palin for 8 years led me think it was a parody. Since a web search convinced me it was not satirical, there are a few points I disagree with. The overall essence of liberals' disagreement with John McCain and Palin is one of them.
     "Liberals won't forgive (McCain) for running against the first black president." Not to pick nits, but it was Willard Romney who did that. McCain gets kudos from us libs for choosing Palin and imploding his campaign by raising valid questions about his judgment. If those of us on the left have a problem with him, it's that he seems ready to deploy U.S. forces against anyone at any time. As for his former running-mate, her endorsement of Donald Trump was a hallucinatory word stew that Dr. Seuss could only have dreamed of concocting. I enjoyed it huuuugely!
     I wouldn't expect Flowers to realize this, but Trump is the natural by-product of what the Republican Party has become. Did anyone have a problem with his birther theories back in the day? He's the result of the steady diet of rightwing, extremist folderol being fed to the GOP base. She states, "I'm forced to question my judgment, and her motives. And that makes me sad beyond belief."

     Well, sadder but wiser, I hope.

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