Thursday, January 14, 2016

Elise Contracts Obama Derangement Syndrome

I actually got this story on Congresswoman Stefanik on Notcongressman Matt Funiciello's FB page. Hat tip to you, Matt.

In response to President Obama's address, Stefanik says while there is room for working across the aisle, she disagrees that the union is stronger than when Obama first took office.

Yeah, I can see someone who doesn't recognize that things are better now than in January 2009 is going to "work across the aisle."

Virtually every claim they made about Obama turned out to be wrong, whether it was how 
Obamacare was going to bankrupt the economy (not to mention kill off old people), how he was driving gas prices through the roof, hecouldn’t create American jobs, he was going to take away your guns, he was lettingIran obtain nuclear weapons and letting Ebola sweep our shores, how he gave the Benghazi stand down order, and unleashed the I.R.S. on his enemies.

All of it turned out to be wrong. (Obama being a Muslim and a socialist, too.)

Under Obama, the stock market’s up more than 9,000 points, the unemployment rate has nearly been cut in half, and USA Today reports that drivers in many states may soon see gas stations advertising $1 per-gallon fill-ups.

Mike Derrick, please beat her and become my congressman. While you're at it, make sure to call a loon a loon.

Thank you for supporting our campaign and joining our movement to bring common sense solutions to Washington.

Very nice! I stand with common sense over not common sense every time.

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