Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Good News Tuesday

Not sure which is number one good news. I'll go with two of the miscreants from the Center for Medical Progress getting hit by a whoopsie doodle verdict which I didn't know could happen. Then, I'm not a lawyer.

A Texas grand jury investigating allegations of misconduct against Planned Parenthood after the release of covertly-shot videos about the use of fetal tissue from abortions has instead indicted two antiabortion activists who made the videos, authorities said Monday.

David Daleiden, 26, director of the Irvine-based nonprofit Center for Medical Progress, was indicted by the grand jury on a felony charge of tampering with a governmental record and a misdemeanor count related to purchasing human organs, Harris County Dist. Atty. Devon Anderson said in a statement.

And that's a Texas grand jury. 

In other really great news, Zephyr Teachout is going to be running to replace the odious Chris Gibson in the district below me. I wish she had moved to my district, but I believe that in Mike Derrick we have a good candidate as well. God willing, not a blue dog. And yes, the GOP has already started with the carpetbagger bullshit.

Teachout moved to the district 10 months ago, to a home in Dutchess County, where she had beaten Cuomo by 17 points. That was weeks after incumbent Rep. Chris Gibson (R-N.Y.) announced his early retirement, and Democrats immediately started scouting local talent

And there's good news from Oregon. Someone has been arrested. Some fine folks are being attracted to the Burns area to join up with the Bundy Gang. 

A 54-year-old Woodburn man who said he wanted to be the Bundys' personal guard has been arrested after saying he wanted to kill federal agents.

Authorities responded to Hines Market on U.S. 20 late Monday morning on a report of an armed man who was saying he wanted to join the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupiers and "help with killing federal agents," according to a post on the Harney County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page.

Don't miss the video. He's a colonel and a Green Beret and his records were sealed by Ronald Reagan. Probably worked with Ollie North when he was in Central America. I really believe they should have tased him. These Oregon cops are way too laidback. 


  1. Wouldn't it be a charge of presenting false evidence in the Planned Parenthood case, or is that wrapped up in the 'tampering'?

  2. Thanks for asking that, Magpie. From what I see here, it sounds like that's pretty much what it is. I don't have real high hopes for these guys having to duck the book thrown at them, but being discredited is still something.

  3. Go to any wingnut blog and read how they predict the end of America because these fraudsters were indicted and not Planned Parenthood. They don't like any evidence of any sort that exculpates any liberal person or liberal organization, because that means it's a conspiracy and the Commies are taking over.