Monday, January 11, 2016

Checking In On Matt

I had to look back and see when my last Funiciello post was. It's been over a month, so I guess we're due. I try to limit it to one a month or so. Obsession behavior is never pretty. Note my many gun posts.

So, the Post Star has a short bit about a lady who has announced she's going to run as a Green Party candidate in the mayoral race in Glens Falls in 2017.

Patti Gray Whann recently enrolled in the Green Party as she solidified her decision to run for Glens Falls mayor in 2017.

“To be a registered independent, you’re not a party and you have no line,” 

To me that sounds as though it's possible that she's running as a Green because it's a low bar to entry onto the ballot. I could be wrong and it could be that she is dedicated to Green Party principles. Call me a skeptic when it comes to the fact that she has worked for the McCain/Palin and Romney/Ryan tickets.

Gray Whann was a local organizer in Saratoga Springs for Republican John McCain’s first presidential campaign in 2000, and she represented the Republican viewpoint at a presidential candidate proxy debate in 2004 at Crandall Public Library.

Now, of course I realize there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. To some there isn't anyway. Kudos to Ms. Whann for driving an alternative fuel vehicle anyway. Moving on toward Matt.

 “Although I haven’t gotten my cute little postcard back from the Board of Elections yet, I filled out my (voter registration) paperwork and put it in the mail.”

I did leave a comment at the site and I'm proud of myself for resisting the urge to say something snarky about not asking MF for help on that. 

On Tuesday last, (Funiciello) went to vote and was told that "he didn't exist." It was unclear from listening to the show whether he was allowed to vote or not. (He wasn't) He wasn't on the voter rolls, but if he was actually registered, he should have been able to vote by affidavit. My belief is that he screwed up in registering and was not allowed to vote for that reason.

I could also have warned her about the conspiracy inherent in the Board of Elections against Green, Libertarian, Socialist, The Rent's Too Damn High and any other party not wearing blue or red jerseys.

So what I really wanted to get to here was MF's comment on the article. 

And I am very proud of her and happy to welcome her officially as a new member to the Green Party.

And I'm happy that he's happy. I did want to point out that she has run for office before. 

Gray Whann was a long-time Republican who became an independent in 2013, when she was considering a run for a Common Council seat in the 2nd Ward.

She was the Republican candidate for the 3rd Ward Common Council seat in 2009, and lost to incumbent Democrat Scott Watson.

Yes, she's run for Common Council and lost as a Republican and is now running for mayor as a Green. The nonsense is strong in this story. If you can't win running for the lower office, try for a higher one. But just to bring the nonsense on home, here's Matt!

Patti has done a great job with the GF Collaborative and, should she run for Mayor, she will certainly be doing so with my full support!

Matt Funiciello's radio show lead-in starts with some bullshit like, "take off your red or blue jersey because it's time for uncommon sense." Ms. Whann has announced, essentially, that she is going to run for mayor of Glens Falls. She has no announced opponents yet. 

Councilman at-large Dan Hall, a Democrat; Water and Sewer Commissioner Nancy Underwood, an Independence Party member; and former 1st Ward Supervisor William Brown, a Conservative Party member, have said they are exploring the race.

My question then is, mustn't you be wearing a green jersey if you are giving a candidate your full support based on nothing other than the fact that she is running on the Green Party line? He doesn't know what her positions or anyone else's are. And you have to overlook the fact that all the potential opponents at least have some experience. 

I'm big on word definitions. I always try to make sure a word, "means what I think it means," before I use it. So here's the definition of un

a prefix meaning “not,” freely used as an English formative,  

I hate nonsense and try to use common sense myself. I can only speculate that uncommon sense is the opposite of common sense and would therefore be not common sense. The more I look at the things MF says, the more I realize that the name of that radio show is impeccable.


  1. I've seen the phrase "uncommon sense" before. Once it was the name of a blog by a juvenile Right winger who liked to talk about how good he was at shooting, and that wasn't the only time. It seems to be regurgitated a fair bit.

  2. It's nice to have local nuts, so I don't have to go all the way to Oregon looking for them. Those guys are interesting, tho. I'm really surprised none of them have shot each other yet, accidentally or on purpose.

    I have a hard enough time trying to maintain some common sense without mucking things up with any other kind.