Friday, January 29, 2016

Miscellaneous Letters and Such

First up, Scott Bauberger.

As for those who say our small arms can't stand against a government with missiles and nukes, you only need look to Vietnam. We lost to a bunch of civilians with garbage guns. 

Since I'm old enough to remember the most major problem we had in Vietnam was not winning hearts and minds, I'll point out that it may be a major problem in your strategy too, Scott. If you'll look at the recent attempt to do whatever they were trying to do by the Bundy Gang you may see it. They were told to go the fuck home from the minute they showed up. And the government doesn't need missiles and nukes. Overwhelming force alone counts for a lot. 

A couple of sad missives today. Luella says:

This letter is addressed to all Republicans. Our slogan should be “Dump Trump.” He is a lying, foul-mouthed, bigoted bully. Some of you find him amusing because he says anything he wants to, no matter whom he hurts. I would be ashamed to have him as president of our country.

We have Marco Rubio in the wings. He is young but not too young. He is also smart, good-looking and a gentleman. He has the strength and youth and new ideas to make our country strong once more.

So to all you loyal American Republicans, once more with feeling! “Dump Trump!”

Rubio is smart, but not too smart. He's good-looking,but not pretty. He's a gentleman, but a tough guy. Blah, blah. 

And here's Bill.

So "The Donald" was afraid to be questioned by Megyn Kelly in the Republican debate. Mr. Tough Guy with the fluffy hairdo shows his true colors as a loudmouth bully who backs down and takes his toys and goes home when he can't get his own way. This is the guy who is going to take on Putin, ISIS, the entire Mexican government and make us great? Forget about it.

You can both expect to be the subject of some nasty tweets from The Donald. 

And we had Congresswoman Stefanik in The Chronicle this week. First off, she made the statement that neither Trump nor Cruz will be the nominee for president. I'd love to make a substantial bet on that. They point out that she has no basis for that prediction and made no endorsement.  

And on a scale of 1 to 10 she gave President Obama a solid 4. They neglected to ask her for a grade for the president she worked for. 

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