Thursday, December 31, 2015


It's the last day of the year and I don't want to work hard for a post, so why not a Post Star letter. This one from Chuck Sharrow has some stuff I like. And some that I don't.

I have to wonder if you have fallen victim to the rhetoric of people like Cuomo, Tingley, Doolittle, etc.

I've written three letters recently to the paper on guns and all I am is etc.? I'd like to think he writes in response to H.P. Oswald because he can't cope with my sterling rhetoric. Gonna go with that.

When the Second Amendment was adopted, it is true that only muzzle-loading firearms were available to the citizenry. However, that is all that was available to the government as well. Even-steven. Follow me? 

No. Not really. Are you saying the government of Britain or the U.S.?

Fast forward to 2015. Are you suggesting, sir, that the American citizen could mount an effective defense against an enemy, foreign or domestic, using muzzleloaders?

Sounds like it's the U.S. government. Could be wrong, but I think he's suggesting that he should have the same weaponry as the police and military. Guessing Santa did not bring him an MRAP. 

For that is what the Second Amendment is truly about. It is not about our hunting rifles. 

He has a militia? God, I hope not. It would make it a fairer fight, though. I still think this "fighting against a tyrannical government" stuff is just another way of saying suicide by cop. Want to thank all these brave volunteers for keeping me safe from my government whom I mostly voted for. 

Consider where you may be today if our forefathers had fought its government with an inferior weapon such as the bow and arrow. If you’re not sure, ask the American Indian and visit his reservation.

Is there any doubt that he's an Alex Jones fan? What happened to the foreign enemies? Fuck that. We got bigger ones here at home.

Look deeper into the Democratic agenda of bigger government with more citizen dependency and you will understand why they want to abolish the Second Amendment. After all, it’s their last hurdle in their march toward socialism!

I think I've used up my letters for the month to the paper and it's probably not worth responding to him anyway. There's likely no convincing him or anyone loony enough to listen to him that Andrew Hitler and Barack Stalin aren't coming for his precious guns. Or maybe they will.

President Barack Obama is expected to announce executive action expanding background checks on gun sales, media outlets reported on Thursday, citing people familiar with White House proposals and planning.

The changes, which could come as soon as next week, would include requiring more small-scale gun sellers to be licensed and to conduct a background check whenever selling a weapon, Politico reported.

Additional measures would impose tighter rules for reporting guns that are lost or stolen on their way to a buyer, the political news website said.

Background checks? Reporting lost or stolen guns? The horror. It's obviously the first step toward repeal of the second amendment. 

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