Thursday, December 17, 2015

Center for American Progress 28 Points

Just wanted to put this up quickly.

Strengthening background checks
  1. Issue guidance to licensed gun dealers to encourage them to conduct voluntary background checks on behalf of private sellers
  2. Require background checks for private sales at gun shows that are held on publicly owned property
  3. Create an interagency working group to evaluate the state’s progress in providing prohibiting records to the background check system
  4. Apply for federal grant funding to improve background check records
  5. Ensure that all domestic violence and drug abuse prohibiting records are pre-validated and flagged in the background check system
Enhanced enforcement of current laws
  1. Investigate and prosecute cases in which prohibited individuals attempt to purchase guns from licensed dealers and fail a background check
  2. Create a dedicated gun crime investigative unit in state and local police departments to focus on illegal gun trafficking and gun crime
  3. Create an illegal gun tip line
  4. Increase the use of technology to solve gun crimes and prevent shootings
  5. Implement de-escalation training for police officers and increase the use of independent prosecutors in investigations of police officers who use lethal force
  6. Implement a lethality assessment program for officers who are responding to domestic violence calls
  7. Implement statewide standardized protocol requiring prohibited domestic abusers to surrender all firearms in their possession
  8. Provide guidance to local judges to ensure that they order the surrender of firearms by domestic abusers in appropriate cases
Improved data collection and analysis
  1. Require state and local law enforcement agencies to trace all crime guns
  2. Conduct an annual review of trace data to identify the largest sources of crimeguns in the state
  3. Create an opt-in program for law enforcement agencies across the state toshare trace data
  4. Create a review commission to study every gun-related death in the state
  5. Improve statewide collection of crime and gun death data
Enhanced community engagement
  1. Implement a violence-intervention program in local hospital emergency rooms for gunshot victims
  2. Implement community-based programs to prevent violent crime in vulnerable communities
Enhanced oversight of gun carrying
  1. Conduct an annual review of concealed-carry permit reciprocity agreements with other states and rescind those agreements with states that fail to meet certain standards
  2. Conduct monthly background checks to ensure continued eligibility for individuals who have been issued concealed-carry permits
  3. Use existing criminal laws to discourage reckless acts of open carry
Enhanced regulation of the gun industry
  1. Increase security measures and improve other business practices of gun dealers
  2. Create a grading system for gun dealers that incentivizes adoption of best practices
  3. Use state and local buying power to encourage best practices by gun manufacturers and dealers
  4. Divest public funds from gun manufacturers that fail to adopt best practices
  5. Enforce state sales tax laws on high-volume sellers of guns who have notobtained a federal firearms license

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