Sunday, December 6, 2015

Hometown Gun Pushers

Partly putting this up because I have comments on it and don't want to go searching for it.

“Stronger gun laws WILL NOT prevent incidents like France and San Bernardino, but they WILL help create more victims, those who are not able to defend themselves,” Murphy wrote on Facebook, with the capital letters added by him. “That group apparently now includes law enforcement officers.”

A lot of his kvetching is about his not being allowed to carry a gun anywhere. I actually don't have a problem with police officers carrying most anywhere. My feelings are that they are an officer of the law on or off duty. Besides, he pushed my pick up back into the road once when I slid off during an ice storm. Belated thanks, Jeff. 

“One trained person on that (California) campus could have ended that,” he said, in reference to the San Bernardino shooting.

We do have a problem with that kind of thinking, tho. 

Anyway, already left comments on the site. Blah, blah. You know the label.

Bunch o' Stats from the Atlantic. Many are refreshingly happy.

UPDATE: At the point at which I gave up on the thread, I had a guy defending the due process rights of terrorists. Because there may be a few people on the terror watch list that shouldn't be there, we should enable them to all have access to guns. 

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