Thursday, December 17, 2015

An Observation on Gun Cultists

Just wanted to put up a few thoughts on debates I've had in various locales (mostly the PS) with gun fetishists. One thing I've noticed is the defeatist attitude. First, I saw it in the idea that criminals get guns so why bother having gun laws. I'm not going to bother looking now, but I kinda believe that most of the deaths that occur from firearms are ones that were legally acquired. But, there's this idea from them that since criminals are able to get guns there's no sense in trying to regulate them at all.

Then there was the terror watch list vote. I had some of them saying to me that since there are people on the watch list who maybe shouldn't be there we had to respect their due process rights. I admit that maybe there are people on the list unjustly, but that doesn't seem like a reason to just say fuck it, let 'em all get armed.

So, what I'm seeing is a real quitter attitude. And what gets me is that these are the same guys who expect to be in a shooting situation and blow away the bad guy and be the hero. I don't think so. Maybe on Xbox or Play Station.

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