Friday, December 4, 2015

Moron the Liberal Media

So, I'm beginning to think Mark Frost is just as loony as my bĂȘte noire, Matt Funiciello. In the December 3, 2015 Chronicle, he's on once again about how ultra-liberal the NYTimes is, but the Wash Post is really liberal, too, except not so much. He admits that the WashPo has lots of conservative opinion people.

"The Times' liberal slant shows through too often in the news coverage." What does that even mean? It's lucky for him he has the ability to pierce the veil and discern Truth from Propaganda. Later on he says, "Don't get me wrong; I read a lot of Times articles and still believe great work goes on there, but lately I feel that more so about The Post." Yeah, great work except for the liberal propaganda.

And he mentions a piece the Times did on Amazon pointing out sweatshop conditions. Then praises Jeff Bezos. Mark, do you think the WashPo would have run that piece. Jesus, don't get me ranting about evil corporations like Funiciello.


  1. I've heard this all my life: The New York Times, the Boston Globe, the Washington Post are all "liberal mouthpieces." Ha. What the dimwits who repeat that don't understand is that "It's a well-known fact that reality has a liberal bias." --S.Colbert

    "Many commentators are quick to use the argument that any story that doesn't fit with their preconceived notions or understanding of an issue must be wrong, and thus it has a liberal (or other) bias and is actually pushing an agenda.
    There is a long history of accusing the media of having a liberal bias, mainly as a method to discredit critics without having to disprove the point they make (ad hominem). Papers that supported the civil rights movement and labour union movement in the United States were frequently accused of having liberal and/or communist leanings by conservatives."--Wiki

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  3. It's nice to have at least a few local wingnuts to kvetch about. Frost only mentioned The Donald briefly in a column. Assuming from the comment that he's not a supporter. What I find amusing is that the conservative media that built the Trump monster is a much bigger problem for him than the so-called liberal media. And he never mentions that. Just feels that the NYTimes and WashPo should be more like them.

    Thx again for that Daily News link.