Thursday, December 3, 2015

Because I Don't Want to Write About Shootings

Thanks Matt for giving me something entirely different. Haven't written about the Mattster in awhile anyway.

Matt Funiciello said Saturday he is still in the "laying the groundwork" phase of his repeat congressional campaign in the 21st District.

"We set 5,000 Facebook fans as a modest goal (before announcing)," he said at the Climate March in Glens Falls on Saturday.

Funiciello had 3,335 fans on his campaign Facebook page, as of Saturday afternoon, an increase of 32 since Nov. 9.

This piece was published at the Post Star on November 28. Some quick ciphering tells me Matt, at the rate given here, will only have about 3,442 FB fans by the end of January. In fact, at the rate he is picking up FB fans, it'll take almost 2800 days to reach 5000. 

Funiciello said he is working on a unique strategy to campaign in all 12 counties of the congressional district, and he doesn't want to formally announce until his strategy is fully thought out.

"Come late January, early February, I think I'll be able to," he said. 

Well, I hope that strategy goes better than the FB fans thing. 

Thanks Matt for giving me something besides guns to write about. But, not to leave it totally untouched here's MF's position on them. 

"If you don't feel we need guns to defend ourselves against tyranny, then you're not paying attention."

Yeah. That's not getting my vote.

UPDATE: Just checked and Matt is up to 3,345 fans. That's an average of 2 per day where he was previously averaging 1.68. That brings him down to 828 days to reach 5000 if he can maintain that pace.

UPDATE II: Since I ended up talking about the gun issue anyway, I might as well mention MF's show from Thursday 12/3/15. This is something I just need to mention. He had a show the day after the Charleston shooting in the church where he and his guests made no mention of the previous day's tragedy. Same thing yesterday, the day after the San Bernardino shooting. Does the Green Party have no position on guns or is it too embarrassing to talk about?

Instead of talking about that, he yammers on about being a vegan. Kudos for that, but patting yourself on the back for not eating meat really doesn't do any substantial good.

UPDATE III: Today is Dec 16, 2015. Matt is now up to 3,360 fans on his campaign FB page. I'm too lazy to figure when he'll hit 5,000 at this rate. I believe the sun my go supernova first. 

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