Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Who Will Speak for the Guns?

Jim Hull will in a letter to the Post Star today. Thanks, Jim. You mentioned something I've been meaning to mention.

Cars are plowing into crowds killing and injuring, ban cars? Far more are killed and maimed by drunken drivers than legal gun owners; put alcohol interlocks in all cars? More according to the FBI were killed in New York by hands and fists than guns, amputate citizens?

I get this argument a lot, "cars kill people and we don't ban cars." First, the obvious point is that most people who are calling for gun control are not calling for banning guns. When I say most, I mean all of them. They are calling for things like background checks to prevent firearms from being in the wrong hands. The second point is that drivers of cars are required to pass a written and practical driver's test before getting a license, have the vehicle registered and inspected, have insurance, follow laws and such. These are all things that the most extreme gun owners would have a conniption over. 

Just want to mention that there are no organizations around calling for the promotion of drunk driving. That is the equivalent of what the NRA and others like the Gun Owners of America do. In fairness, the NRA was not always what they are now. At one time they did promote hunter safety and were not merely a mouthpiece for the gun industry. 



  1. Cars are not a right to own in the Constitution, a gun is. Big difference when trying to choose what to do about the gun problem.
    "Shall not infringe" does not mean the 2nd A cannot have qualifications, or be subject to licensing, or registration; and certainly does not mean things like magazine capacity, silencers, or certain fire arms cannot be regulated.

  2. I hadn't considered the fact that cars are not mentioned in the Constitution or cell phones either. We should all be Amish. Wonder what kind of trade-in I can get for my Silverado toward a horse and buggy. If we went back to them we'd all be buried under horseshit and the methane would kill the planet quicker than cars, though.

    I like writing letters, so s'pose I wouldn't mind losing the phone.