Friday, December 11, 2015

Hometown Rifles

Glens Falls and the surrounding towns are pretty small, so we take our gun excitement where we can find it.

Police swarmed an area in front of Jackson Heights Elementary School on Thursday afternoon after someone spotted two guns in a car parked in front of the school. The driver of the car was later charged.

She was not charged with driving while stupid which would have been probably the most appropriate charge. A confession here: I was young and stupid at one time as well and did way stupider things.

She was identified as Gracie M. Guilder, 23, of Glens Falls, and was charged with endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor, and having a loaded gun in a vehicle, a violation.

Glens Falls Police Detective Lt. Peter Casertino said the guns -- a .22-caliber rifle and muzzleloader -- were being moved from the back seat to the front to make room for a child who was being picked up from school, as two younger children sat in the back seat.

At least none of the kids shot her. I am offering to represent her in court. I believe she was just following the advice of local sheriffs and going armed everywhere. What good does it do to have a gun if it's not loaded? 

Thank you, Gracie Guilder for the excuse to play the most excellent genius of Paul Weller. 

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