Thursday, December 3, 2015

Can It Get Any Worse?

Gun TV. I can't believe this is actually true, but the Guardian is not the Onion.

Like established channels such as QVC and Home Shopping Network, Gun TV will feature personable experts explaining and demonstrating the channel’s wares. If viewers see a weapon at a price they like, they can just click online, or pick up the phone and dial a toll-free number.

The principal difference between Gun TV and other home shopping channels is that a Gun TV viewer’s order will not be shipped directly to their home.

Thank you once again, Andrew Cuomo, for providing a little slice of relative gun sanity in the midst of outright lunacy in this country.

Thanks Shaw for this image. And this one.

Front page of the New York Daily News for December 3, 2015 about mass shooting in San Bernardino, California - GOD ISN'T FIXING THIS

Good for the Daily News and Chris Murphy. 

“Your ‘thoughts’ should be about steps to take to stop this carnage,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn) posted on Twitter. “Your ‘prayers’ should be for forgiveness if you do nothing — again.”

Some critics accused Murphy of religious insensitivity, but he didn’t waver in a statement later Wednesday.

“My heart aches for the people of San Bernardino,” he said. “I cannot express the profound sadness I feel each time a new community grieves and endures the same pain that brought Newtown to its knees three years ago this month.”

May as well link to Charles Pierce on this as well. 

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