Monday, December 14, 2015

Eulogy for the Last Gun Fetishist

First, they came for the guns of the terrorists. But, I was not a terrorist. I was just defending against a tyrannical government. So, I said nothing. Then they came for the guns of the mentally ill. But, the voices in my head told me I was not mentally ill. So, they and I said nothing. Then, when they came for my guns, there was no one to speak for me. So, I had to shoot it out with the cops alone. And die in a hail of bullets. But they had to pry the gun from my cold, dead fingers. Wolverines!

Remember Newtown. Those who truly deserve eulogies.

We have let a collection of kooks and armed sociopaths bully us into accepting that the watering the Tree of Liberty with blood of first graders is the price of freedom and vigilance.

I choose to believe it will get better. 

Happy Nihilist Holidays

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