Thursday, December 17, 2015

Post Star Letters and Such

First, link to a comment thread at the GF paper of record. And another.

And a link to Al Scoonz who had a letter in, today.

And since Al mentioned him in his letter and I had meant to put this up:

Will Doolittle and Ken Tingley try using their Alinsky tactics on people because we do not believe we should bring the Syrian so-called refugees here and how we will be safe because of the vetting. Is this the same vetting they are going to use that let the wife, who with her husband, killed 14 people? Homeland Security could not even vet this one woman who they knew where she came from, but thousands of people from who knows where, they will get, right? Willing to put yours and your family’s life on the line for that decision?

The Y story: Why is it the vile and mean language is coming only from the fascist left? Why can’t this person have shown concern for the people around them? Until you have the surgery to become one or the other, use the private unisex room. It's called common courtesy, something those of you on the left have forgotten.

Does anybody else worry that the Liar in Chief is more concerned with phony global warming than terrorists killing Americans? 


Glens Falls

Andrew DiCroce in all his glory. He's become a regular on the letters page lately. I don't bother responding to out and out nuts. Alinsky blah blah. Fascist blah blah. 

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