Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Taters Got Left Out

Just in the interest of completing yesterday's post, I've got a picture of the potato beds. It's nice because the early spuds are starting to flower now. Potatoes have such beautiful flowers it would be almost worth growing them just for that purpose.

Those are two 4' by 8' beds with late potatoes in the one in the background. Outside the fence on the right is tansy which grows into a nice hedge and attracts beneficial insects. In the background on the left is a flamingo willow that I really love. It has leaves with a pinkish cast and sways beautifully in the breeze. It also attracts a number of beneficials when it flowers in the Spring. The tiny wasps go crazy on it. 

And not to totally ignore politics, here's Josh Marshall:

Trump's promises of vast riches got the GOP into a bind relying on him to fund a general election on his own. But that was all a lie. He's broke or near broke. And the GOP is now facing mid-summer with a campaign that is broke, has no fundraising apparatus, no candidate with big bucks and no field operation. He's done the GOP worse than the most screwed over creditor he ever sharked.

Couldn't happen to a nicer more deserving party. 

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